Designer Closets

Coastal Closets & Showers Designer Closets

Designer Closets – Creating Luxury Organized Spaces Designer closets have become one of the top items on everyone’s wish list! Social media buzzes with “I want a dream closet with luxury spaces, designer elements, organized and elegant! We offer many unique closet design styles when planning your master designer closet. Our design team will take the time to learn what you desire …

Floor Mounted Closets - Coastal Closets and Showers

Floor Mounted Closets

Coastal Closets & Showers Floor Mounted Closets

Floor Mounted Closets Maximizing, Utilizing your Spaces Floor mounted closets are a great way to spruce up your closets while adding organization and function to your space. Most homes today use this style for guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, dens, hallways and other small closets throughout your home. This style is very adaptable and customizable to almost any space. There are …

Wall Mounted Closets

Wall Mounted Closets

Coastal Closets & Showers Wall Mounted Closets

Wall Mounted Closets, Start Organizing Your Life! Wall mounted or reach-in-closets are a popular choice today. They are the perfect style for reach-in-closets. Many guest bedroom closets, children’s closets, hall and other closets in your home can benefit from this design style. Wall mounted style closets can also fit perfectly for the designing of your master bedroom closet. By combining the …

Ventilated wood closets - Coastal Closets and Showers

Ventilated Wood Closets

Coastal Closets & Showers Ventilated Wood Closets

Ventilated Wood Closets, Getting Organized on a Friendly Budget! Do you need to get your closets organized but you have a budget! We hear you! Ventilated wood closets are an affordable way to get organized, max out your space and still be able to accessorize your closet! If you are designing your master closet, we offer different wood finishes to create the look …

Closet Accessories

Coastal Closets & Showers Closet Accessories

Closet Accessories, Closet Organizers Add Functionality to Your Closet! Once you have your closet design now it’s time to choose your accessories!! Closet accessories or closet organizers are those little extra things that we forget about but come in handy just when you need them! They help to define your organized spaces, come in different styles and finishes, add functional elements …

Shower Doors 90 Degree Panels

Coastal Closets & Showers 90 Degree Door and Panels

Shower Doors 90 Degree Panels, Frameless Shower Enclosures Remodeling your bathroom? Designing with shower doors 90 degree panels can accommodate many bath remodels, as well as new bath enclosures. Transform your look with Semi-frameless or Frameless shower enclosures. Adding glass is a beautiful way to add style and luxury to your bathroom. Smaller bathrooms can sometimes be a big challenge. …

Shower Doors-Neo Angles

Coastal Closets & Showers Neo Angles

Shower Doors Neo Angles, Master Beautiful Elegance There are many style options you can choose when making decisions for your master bath enclosure. Your shower doors and panels can make a stunning statement with the use of Neo Angles. Neo angles allow you to use bathroom space in an efficient way. They are great for corner shower enclosures, but can …

Sliding-Serenity-Series-Barn-Shower Door - Coastal Closets and Showers

Sliding Glass Shower Doors

Coastal Closets & Showers Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Shower Doors are an Easy Way to Update Your Bath On a budget and looking to spruce up your bathroom? Adding sliding glass shower doors to your tub or shower enclosure can give your bathroom a fresh look! If your bathroom is rather small and cramped, adding glass can give the open style of design and create the feeling of …

Glass Shower Doors

Coastal Closets & Showers Shower Doors Misc

Simple Elegance, Frameless Glass Shower Doors Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom? Finally ready to say goodbye to that shower curtain? Many homeowners today are considering glass shower doors or have already installed them. Glass panels or doors help to increase functionality and the overall appearance.  Many bathrooms with shower curtains block light coming into the room. Using glass in …

Home Office

Coastal Closets & Showers Home Office

Designed with You in Mind…Your Custom Home Office Working from home can be nightmare at times! Re-define your space and become an efficient powerhouse! A custom design office can help family members stay organized while working or completing school project from home. Easily hidden items in a small and compact office create that airy feel of more space in your room. Larger rooms …