Bathroom Remodeling Tips

So, you’ve decided it’s time to remodel your bathroom, and you have no idea where to begin or where to turn for advice. The good news is, Coastal Closets and Showers is here to help!

And we don’t just stop at bathroom design ideas for your new and improved powder room. From light fixtures to color schemes, functionality, and much more, we’ve compiled some useful information you need to know before you start remodeling your bathroom.

Here’s the first thing you should know:

You Don't Need To Remodel Alone

Consulting professionals for help before remodeling your bathroom is always a good idea — especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. Professional bathroom planners can help you with every aspect of the job, including making sure the design and layout of your bathroom actually work for you and your family.

Here are some of the key considerations they’ll help you with during your bathroom remodel.

Your Custom Shower: Frameless, Semi-Frameless?

If your bathroom remodel includes a custom shower, you’ll have to decide between a semi-frameless, frameless, or a framed shower.

You’ll have to consider other things with your custom shower as well (including the type of shower enclosure that will work), and we’ve outlined them here.

A framed shower is a traditional choice, and as its name suggests, the glass on your shower will be framed. On the other hand, a semi-frameless shower may have framing on some areas, but not covering every edge of the glass.

Finally, there is frameless glass that is thicker than the glass used for a semi-frameless or a framed shower door glass panel. Instead of a frame, it uses metal clamps and joints to support it rather than a frame. Frameless doors tend to be made with tempered glass as a safety precaution.

Each of these styles can be a great option, depending on the overall bathroom feel and look you want. In modern bathrooms, many homeowners prefer the clean-lined, floor to ceiling look you can get with a frameless shower door.

Above is a great example of the beautiful clean lines you can get with a frameless shower door. 

If you’d like to learn more about the custom shower door design options you have, have a look here. 

A frame less shower with tub

Bathroom Floor Design Ideas

Have you thought about what kind of bathroom floor you’d like to have? Perhaps black and white floor tiles are just what you’ve always wanted, or maybe something like this neutral marbled look below is more your style.

No matter what kind of style you’re going for, here are some things to keep in mind when you choose a bathroom floor tile:

  • Maintenance: Some types of tile need more maintenance and care than others. Porcelain or ceramic (if they’re sealed) make for a great, low maintenance option. Many homeowners love the look of stone tiles, but keep in mind, they might need more maintenance because they’re more porous.
  • In-floor heating: Whether you live in a cooler climate or somewhere warm like here in the Treasure Coast, FL area, in-floor heating is often a nice touch in the master bath or any of the bathrooms in your home that are used the most.
  • Cost: If you’re planning to do custom tiles for your bathroom floor, remember that the price of your flooring can vary dramatically depending on the tile you choose. To keep costs down, some homeowners choose a less expensive tile for most of their floor, but add a few special tiles in some areas. Often, this same tile can be used for wall tiles in your shower to pull the room together.
90 Degree Frameless

Bathroom Lighting

Great bathroom lighting is a must – especially for those who get ready in their bathroom mirror every day.

Here’s an example of multiple types of lighting in a big bathroom. Sconces light the vanity area while pot lights provide additional light overhead in the shower. 

Here are some things to think about to make sure you end up with the perfect lighting for your bathroom.

Light fixtures: Side lighting is the best choice for bathrooms, which is why sconces are the most popular choice. A pendant light can also give this effect, depending on how it’s positioned. 

How much lighting you need: Depending on the size of your bathroom and whether it’s a full or half bath, the amount of light you need will vary — it also depends on how light/dark your walls are painted. Vanity fixtures can have several bulbs and may provide enough lighting for an entire bathroom. In other cases, additional sconces, pendant lights, or overhead lighting might be necessary. Age is another important consideration — older eyes need twice as much lighting as younger eyes do to do the same task. 

Layers of light: As a general rule, having layers of light is always beneficial in interior design and having multiple light sources is a good choice for any room — bathrooms included. 

Custom Linen next to bathroom

Bathroom Storage

When you remodel your bathroom, you’ll want to ensure it’s designed with functionality in mind.

Do you need shelves for towels and other necessities, or do you prefer keeping most of your bathroom storage in cupboards under the sink or on the wall?

The amount of space you have to work with will certainly have an effect on how much storage you have, but a smart bathroom remodel involves making the most of even the smallest spaces! Here are more tips for doing just that.

Other Bathroom Design Ideas

Some of the other bathroom design choices you’ll have to make include:

Mirrors: There are several different mirror styles to choose from, including framed mirrors or unframed, round, square, floor to ceiling, and much more. 

Fixtures: Choosing bathroom fixtures with the same finish is a traditional choice. More recently, mixed metals are a popular bathroom design trend (i.e., mixing brushed nickel and chrome).

Colors and other details: Does a neutral bathroom wall with pops of color in the other details in the bathroom sound like the look you’re going for? Or would you prefer a feature wall with a unique wallpaper design to make the bathroom your own?

If you need a little bathroom design inspiration, don’t miss these 99 stylish ideas.

As we mentioned, we know there’s a lot to think about, but you don’t have to remodel your bathroom on your own! Call or come by Coastal Closets and Showers in Stuart, FL today and we can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.


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