A Closet… not just a box anymore

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Closets not a simple box anymore

Whats new in Closets? We see all around us day after day, the ever growing ever glowing Internet of things. Once upon a time when you thought of a high tech home, you thought of the entertainment room, the home office, and maybe in rare cases the kitchen.

NOW for something completely different! Its… the high tech closet. OMG! Lets start with the simplest  tools, how about a carousel that responds to just touch of your manicured hand, or responds to an app on your smart phone?

Next we  put smart tags on your clothes and shoes… and then lets you check your closet remotely from your phone, at the mall?  – Maybe even track how often you’ve worn an ensemble. WOW! Your smart virtual closet might be internet connected to the weather,  and it might just warn you that today, you need to take an umbrella! Maybe you’re packing for a trip, it might suggest, having just checked the weather at your destination, you need to pack warmer.

This is not as SCI-FI as you might think. Scientists and engineers at the firm Accenture are well along toward developing an INTERNET CONNECTED CLOSET. They manage it, by bringing together smart sensors and the World Wide Web. More and more “things” around the house have intelligence and can communicate with the Internet. Why not your shoe rack?

Imagine smart tags in your clothes, then as each item passes into or out of your closet, the “intelligent” inventory “knows” what is clean and available to wear in the closet. You might ask your smart closet app this question; “ I just bought a new hat”, (SNAP/SNAP) taking a picture with your smart phone, “which items in my closet, might go best with this?”, or maybe, “I’d like to wear this skirt, what tops would match this best?” Then when you take your virtual closet to the store would allow you to scan a clothing item and ask your virtual smart closet, “what do I have that would match this?”

But if your not ready for a team of computer engineers in your closet just yet, there is a free fashion app that brings many of the virtual closet features to your mobile device today – check out “VeeV” for your mobile, so you can track, what did you wear, when and where?

If can’t invest in a high tech surround tech closet today, but you do need the best in closet design, your friends here at COASTAL CLOSETS & SHOWER can help you find the perfect solution for your space, your life and your budget. Call us today at 772-888-2520.