Maintaining Your Glass Shower Doors

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Hard water stains and mineral deposits can cloud your glass shower doors often and this can become very frustrating. When you install glass shower doors you add beauty along with value to your bathroom and by extension, to your home. But you are also required to maintain them. Glass shower doors can be made with different types of glass. The ones crafted with cheaper glass usually get really stained with hard water. If you don’t clean them regularly, a few months later, mineral and soap scum build up can be hard to clean off. This is especially true for high traffic bathrooms.

Cleaning glass shower doors is a simple task, if performed with the appropriate technique. In any event, when the scum or stain is no longer stuck to the glass, that’s when you’ll have the ability to eliminate it. Soap scum is just one of the most typical forms of grime found on shower doors. There are some things that may be done in order to avoid soap scum on the shower door. A mixture of vinegar, water and elbow grease will be recommended to scrub off the stains.

Make sure the cleaner that you use is made especially for shower glass doors, since you do not want it to be this harsh it will permanently damage the glass. Spray the prepared solution on the glass and allow it to sit on the glass shower doors just for a couple of minutes. Try a sponge, and perhaps add a spray bottle of natural cleaner, and you’re going to be surprised by how clean your glass shower door stays, and how simple it is going to be to keep it that manner. If you take advantage of a decent dual headed squeegee after every shower, then it can truly help the glass to remain clean. A shower squeegee will permit you to rapidly eliminate moisture as a way to leave a dry door, but a high excellent microfiber cloth is also going to do the trick.

Hopefully these tips assist you with your shower doors. Cleaning glass shower doors in fact becomes simpler and easier as long as you do it on a normal basis. An individual ought to be cautious before cleaning the glass, since there are chances in order for it to get scratched with cleaning products used. Top quality glass ought to be the obvious choice whilst installing glass shower doors. Though the sort of glass you decide on will influence the purchase price. This will prevent the doors from being scratched while you rub them.