Revitalize Your Walk-In Closet With These Latest Trends

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Walk-in closets are typically found in large luxurious homes but they are lately becoming an essential trend for contemporary homes. Even in old houses, a large spare room can be converted into a walk-in closet. It has become one of the most popular home upgrades in recent years for many reasons. A smart walk-in closet can utilize space in a luxurious, practical and functional manner.

6 vital walk-in closet design ideas-

Converting a spare room into a large walk-in closet requires some creative thinking. The comfort level is equally important as the design idea. Get on board with your improvement project and get familiar with the basics to learn which walk-in closet design you should consider.

  1. Closet storage

The storage layout of the closet is one of the most important designs that you would want to get right. Maximize the storage space. The vertical storage space can be used to its peak by incorporating closet hanging accessories, hanging rods, floor-to-ceiling shelving and shoe racks.

  1. The right colors

A walk-in closet showcases your entire wardrobe. It isn’t simply a space that provides storage for your clothes and accessories. To make your closet really stand out, the use of right colors and lighting is very important. The color shades of a closet can range from earthy tones to darker & chicer shades. Lighter colors in general give a crisper look to the cabinets.

Pro Tip– Adding a chandelier provides an extra measure of lighting and extravagance to your closet space.

  1. Closet island

For tasks like folding clothes, ironing them or even to temporarily place down items a closet island is highly essential. It is a must have feature in any walk-in closet.

Pro Tip- Include drawers to keep unorganized items out of view and install open shelving for easier access.

  1. Makeup table

A makeup table or vanity in the closet keeps all your beauty products organized. It keeps all your beauty products tidy and easily accessible when you need them.

Pro Tip- A makeup table makes your daily dressing routine more efficient.

  1. The luxurious effect

A high-end closet is a dream closet only if it has an elegant and luxurious look. Cabinets with rich finishes and refined accents help to create this desired look. For a more luxurious feel, the closets can be adorned with tasteful lighting, glass doors, attractive cabinetry hardware and stylish touches.

  1. Finishing touches

A dressing space is incomplete without the perfect finishing touches. Include stylish rugs and a charging station with accessible outlets for all your electronic devices. Boost your comfort level by adding photos, inspirational quotes and a small TV or iPod dock to personalize your walk-in closet.

Pro Tip- Full length mirrors make closet spaces appear larger.

Walk-in closets add value to your home and reduce all the bedroom clutter. It allows you to pamper yourself with a private and luxurious dressing space.