Say Spaah! Innovative Spa Bathroom Ideas

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Your bathroom renovation should be nothing short of relaxing and inviting. Your options for a spa-like setting in your bathroom are endless and exciting. From the growing popularity of Pinterest to home renovation magazines and books, you probably have an idea of your direction. The trick is finding the balance with functionality and ambience. In this article, you’ll be introduced so some innovative yet practical spa ideas.

The Calming Effect of Color

There are hundreds of inspiring color swatches to choose from. However, only a few make the cut of giving off that ‘spa vibe’. It’s easy to choose a color from a swatch. Instead, imagine a bathroom setting (past or present) that makes you feel calm, recognize that color (if you can), and try to stay within those tones. Warm cremes and cool blues are ideal for adding the serenity and spa-feel to your bathroom.

Open and Airy

If your bathroom faces a courtyard, the water, or garden, you may want to consider opening a wall and adding sliding glass doors to blend with the natural elements. Much like your shower glass door, you don’t want to feel enclosed and trapped. Glass doors always bring in extra light, a perfect mood setting element. Possibly consider adding a window or two. Even if you don’t have the greatest views, the outdoor light will still have a positive effect on your spa ideas.

No-Clutter Storage Space

Even small bathrooms can offer spa-like qualities when clutter is kept at bay. Most Americans have difficulty with clutter, even in their bathrooms! Utilize those glass jars, empty shelves that are gathering dust, and even baskets. They can be strategically placed on walls and be the perfect asset to your spa bathroom. Can’t decide on what to use for shelves? The ideas can be overwhelming and your local custom shelving Vero Beach contractors can easily help you choose the perfect custom units for your spa bathroom.

Get a Floor Plan & Expert Advice

The last thing you need is to be stuck midway into your bathroom renovation, only to realize it’s not what you want. Before you choose the shower door, tub, and decor, call our local professionals. As with any major renovation, it’s overwhelming. A second set of eyes and ears will help you logically and practically decide what’s best for you and your family.

Your spa bathroom awaits! Take your ideas to the next level and let the Coastal Closets and Showers team make your spa dreams a reality. Call us today for more information!