7 Things to Consider When Building A Custom Closet

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7 Things To Consider When Building A Custom Closet

A custom designed closet isn’t about your resale value – it’s about having a space that is perfectly designed for your needs.

When it comes to custom closets designed by Coastal Closets & Showers, we want to ensure your have a personalized closet design that meets your needs for the desired area.

The difference between a poorly designed closet and a perfectly designed closet isn’t the price, it’s about how functional the space is when it is completed.

While a quality closet is seen as an added bonus in the resale market, why not create a space for you to actually enjoy?

There are a few things to consider when designing your closet system. That is why our team at Coastal Closets & Showers has designed our things to consider list to help you get started.

What type of closet are you considering designing or redesigning? The most common closet type for bedrooms are either wall closets or reach-in closets. Wall closets have a minimum depth is approximately 24 inches with a length of about 60 inches.

Walk-in closets do not necessarily take up more square footage but are rather a more comfortable space layout. Whether you are looking to redesign a wall closet or walk-in closet, the space should be designed to meet your needs.

Here are a few key things to consider during the design phase of your closet redesign with Coastal Closets & Showers.

1. Consider Your Closet Space

If you are in the beginning stages of renovating, is your current closet large enough for your needs? If not, is the adjacent room large enough to sacrifice some space to expand your closet for your storage needs?

The benefit of a custom closet design is that if the space is designed right, you will no longer need the large dresser in the adjacent room which will free up the same if not more of the space you could add to your closet.

Reallocating space allows for more efficient use of dead space when you are looking to redesign your home to fit your needs. Get organized
Custom Closet with shoes on display

2. Get Your Current Closet Organized

Get ready to maximize your space when you redesign your closet with Coastal Closets & Showers.

You are going to want to take a complete inventory on your closet prior to beginning the design process to get an accurate representation of the type of closet organizers you are going to want to incorporate in your new space.

The best way to ensure you are designing a closet for your needs is to group like items together, donate piece you don’t wear anymore and organize your current space. Once you know what you have, go ahead and make a list of the type of storage that will best suit your needs.

Do you have a lot of shoes and handbags? Do you have more short items than long items? What other types of items do you have such as belts, dresses, socks and miscellaneous items?

In order for our design specialist to help you design a closet that will perfectly meet your needs, you will need to know exactly what you have and the type of storage that is most suitable for those items.

3. Sharing A Closet

Designing a mutual closet for both him and her is more than just having separate sides. Women’s shirts are typically much shorter than a man’s shirt, therefore, should have appropriately hung rods to accommodate for sizing.

While one partner may prefer to hang their pants with a fold, the other may prefer to hang them straight to avoid wrinkles.

Men typically have items such as ties, belts, watches and other miscellaneous items while women are more likely in need of space for handbags, jewelry, and shoes. Each of these items requires a different type of storage space.

Your closet does not have to be split 50/50, instead consider building a closet that is suitable for the needs of both. Often times this means giving the women a little more space by optimizing the space with organizers designed to fit your needs.

Since you will have already take inventory of your items and the type of space you will need, you will have a much better idea of how much space each person will need in the new closet design.

4. Ergonomics Matter During The Design Process For Your Closet

No one wants to reach far for a frequently worn item of clothing. If open shelves are an important item on your list of needs, you will want to implement this space at waist height to be able to easily view what you have. Door and drawer fronts can be placed underneath for added storage.

Socks, underwear and other accessories should be in higher drawers as these are frequently needed items. Items that are rarely worn can be stored in drawers that are lower in height as these items are accessed less frequently.

By designing a custom closet for your needs that includes items designed specifically for your items will help you to never reorganize again. Your clothing, jewelry, and accessories will already be placed where they belong because there won’t have another place to go.

5. Limit Your Closet Drawers

While we understand everyone needs some drawers for items such as jewelry, lingerie, and socks, other items are more suited on shelves such as sweaters and t-shirts. You receive two important benefits when designing your closet in this fashion. Drawers take up more space than a shelf and shelves allow you to more readily view your items.

Our designer at Coastal Closets & Showers will help you to decide the appropriate number of drawers to shelves during the design review.
Custom Closet Wall mounted

6. Go Ahead & Get Those Shoes Off The Floor

Coastal Closets & Showers offers a variety of space-saving, creative options for a more convenient shoe storage system. Believe it or not, shoes are best stored at mid-height rather than on the floor hidden beneath dresses and pant hems.

Options range of simple shelving to pull out shelves that will allow you to maximize the storage of any space while also allowing you easy access to your shoe collection.

7. Luxury Closet Additions

There’s no fear of water escaping from your recessed bath, as our custom sliding shower doors fully enclose the tub in a neat, no-nonsense fashion. Sliding panels of glass customized to your space is also a great option where the space is a premium as our shower doors do not need a hinge or need to pivot outward, eating into the valuable floor space and making fixtures and fittings awkward to use.

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