Do you love shoes? Who doesn’t, right? But what do you do when your shoe collection starts to take over your closet? You could try to cram them all into your existing closet space, but that’s not going to be very effective. That means it’s time to build a custom closet complete with a custom shoe rack! But if you’re not ready to build an entire custom closet, you might also consider just installing a custom closet shoe rack. Either way, we have the tips you need to get it done right.

What Not to Do with Your Custom Closet Shoe Rack

A good place to start is with a quick rundown of what not to do when it comes to designing your custom closet shoe rack. Avoid these in order to keep your shoes as organized as possible!

Don’t set your shoes up to fall through wire shelving racks

While wire shelving racks might seem like a great idea when it comes to saving space, they can become a real pain quickly! These are shoe shelves that are often included under the standards builders provide. They’re quick to install and quite inexpensive which has made them a go-to for many.

Depending on what shoes you plan to store, however, you might find yourself trying to balance your shoes on the wire racks. Shoes can fall over more quickly than you might think! Especially if you’re someone who loves a stiletto heel.

Avoid using baskets

Baskets can be great for storing all types of different things, but when it comes to shoes in your closet it’s something you might want to avoid! That’s because every pair of shoes you own comes in a pair. When it’s time to grab your shoes and go you don’t want to find yourself rifling through a basket in order to find a shoe to match.

Save yourself the mess and the headache and avoid using baskets.

Don’t use cubbies

While cubbies may seem like a great solution for storing your shoes in your closet, the truth is they can take up a ton of space. There’s a lot of shelving involved when it comes to cubbies and a lot of wasted space too – even though cubbies are usually on the smaller side.

Not to mention the fact that cubbies can get expensive if you’re not careful. Go for the shoe rack option instead!

Avoid trying to display all of your shoes at once

If you’re someone who has a stunning shoe collection then you might be tempted to put each and every pair on display. When it comes to saving space, however, this isn’t always the best option.

Instead, consider which shoes you need for the season and put your favorite pairs on display rather than your entire collection. You don’t need heavier boots in the summertime and it’s likely safe to store your sandals in another spot during the winter. Taking the time to pull forward what you need for the season will save you a lot of trouble down the line. (More on this later!)

Tips for Custom Closet Shoe Racks

White closet design with white counter for perfumes and hanging chandelier

Ready to dive into our best tips for designing custom closet shoe racks? Here’s how to design the perfect custom shoe rack for your needs!

Account for the height of your shoes

One thing to keep in mind when designing your custom closet shoe rack is the height of your shoes. Are you someone who loves tall boots? Or are you more of a low-cut sneaker wearer? You should account for the height of your shoes as you’re deciding on how much space to keep between each of the shelves in your shoe rack. That way you won’t be wasting any valuable space.

You also don’t want to have to bend down too far to reach your shoes, so make sure the rack is tall enough to accommodate them. The width of the rack is also an important consideration. You’ll need to make sure that it’s wide enough to fit all of your shoes, but not so wide that it takes up too much space in your closet.

Consider how you want to store your shoes

Another important tip is to think about how you want to store your shoes. Do you want them all in one place, or would you prefer to have a separate section for each type of shoe? This is entirely up to you. But it’s something worth considering before you start building your custom closet shoe rack.

It can be a good idea to organize your shoes by formal boots and heels, casual boots, casual sneakers, sandals, and whatever other categories you may need to have in your collection. If you’re not someone who wears formal heels every day then these might be an item that you choose to store higher up or in an area where you don’t have as easy access. That way you can make the effort to get them only on occasion, rather than having to reach for shoes you wear every day.

Measure and plan

One of the most essential steps to successfully designing a custom closet shoe rack is to measure and plan. While that might seem like a no-brainer when it comes to creating the perfect closet, it’s a step that many people go through too quickly. Which ultimately leaves them with a closet that’s lacking.

Instead, measure and plan out every inch of your closet before you get started so you understand exactly what materials you need and where each pair of shoes in your closet is going to go. If the process of measuring, planning, and then building your closet seems like a bit too much for you to take on, there’s always a custom closet professional that can help!

Consider vertical space

When you think of a regular shoe rack, you might think about a shelving unit that’s low to the ground. We often will kick our shoes off which makes lower storage make sense. If you’re someone who has a lot of shoes, however, it’s likely in your best interest to make use of your space vertically.

Shoe racks can be stacked so you can better make use of your space. Shelving is also a great way to get some height and make use of space up high. Just be sure to avoid stacking shoe boxes as it can make it a lot more difficult to pull out the shoes you’re looking for.

Try using adjustable shoe racks or shelves

One of our favorite tips is to make your shoe racks or shelves adjustable. As discussed earlier, you want to ensure you leave enough vertical space for the height of your shoes. Boots will require more vertical space while sandals will require less.

If you’re someone who switches out their shoes depending on the season then adjustable shoe racks or shelves are the perfect options for you! You can move the shelving up in order to create space for bigger boots and heels, or move the shelves down to accommodate for a higher volume of flatter shoes.

Making your shoe racks and shelving adjustable is a great custom option to explore!

Rotate your shoes back and forth

Once your custom closet is created based on your unique needs it’ll be time to fill it up with all your things! If you’re trying to think of a way to display your shoes in a way that looks great but is also functional, then rotating each pair back and forth is always a good idea!

You’ll place the shoes side by side on your shelves with one shoe facing front and the other shoe facing back. This way you can see the shoe from the front and the back which can help make it easier when it comes to choosing a pair.

Use flat shelving if your closet is on the smaller side

It’s common to see angled shelving storage for shoes in custom closets. Utilizing angled shelving can help to display shoes nicely and help you keep them organized. While angled shelving can be great, it’s not always practical when it comes to closets that are on the smaller side.

If you’re planning to make every inch count in your closet then it’s a good idea to use flat shelving instead of angled. Make them adjustable and you’ll be well on your way to making the most of every inch of space your closet has to offer.

Utilize storage outside of your closet

Storage Solution for small spaces

The truth is that shoes can take up a lot of valuable real estate in your closet. Rather than attempting to fit them all in one closet, you might try utilizing storage space outside of your closet, or different parts of it!

For example, you might try adding secret shoe storage onto the back of your door. You can add flatter shoes to smaller hanging shelves in order to make the most out of the space.

If something like secret shoe storage isn’t an option then moving your shoes to a different closet together may be the best choice. Shoes are one of the easier items to move away from the rest of your closet as they’re usually the last thing you put on before you walk out the door.

Reorganize your shoes depending on the season

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a great idea to reorganize and rotate your shoes depending on the season. This is especially helpful for those who are limited in space or those who like to stay as organized as possible.

Put your boots away in the winter and pull out your summer shoes only once summer has arrived.

Stick with it

Whatever design you end up choosing for your custom closet shoe rack, be sure to stick with utilizing the space. That goes for the way you choose to organize your shoes as well. Whether it’s seasonally, back and forth, or in a different closet altogether, determine what works for you and commit to keeping things the way you intended them to be.

If things start to get messy or out of control, try reorganizing and starting fresh.

Get Started on Your Custom Closet Shoe Rack Design

If you’re a shoe fanatic then it’s definitely time to step up your game when it comes to shoe storage in your custom closet! The great news is that we have available closet designers to help you create the shoe section or shoe closet of your dreams.

Our knowledgeable and professional team is on standby to listen to your needs and help you create a custom closet or other home space that you’ll truly love. Click here to contact us and book your free consultation!


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