Garage Wall Storage Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Your Cluttered Space

A photo of custom cabinets built in a garage.

Garage wall storage systems can be a game changer when it comes to how you function in your garage space. The truth is the garage is an area of your home that can get cluttered and disorganized fast! That means it can be hard to quickly find the things you need and can leave you with a bit of a headache at the end of the day.

The garage also happens to be where we store some of our most valuable and useful items. That makes organization extra important!

Today we’re going to cover everything you need to know about garage wall storage systems, from the benefits they provide to choosing the right one for your needs. You’ll finally be able to sleep at night knowing your garage is decluttered!

Why Do Garages Get So Disorganized?

It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves more often than we would like to admit. Why is the garage a space that gets so disorganized so quickly?

One of the main reasons the garage becomes such a mess is that proper garage storage is not being utilized. Trust us when we say it can make a huge difference in how organized your garage stays!

Cleaning and organizing the garage also isn’t usually a priority for a lot of families. The inside of the home usually takes priority.

The garage is also known to be one of the largest areas of the home which makes organizing it a lot more difficult. It also makes it easy for the garage to become the dumping ground for all sorts of things.

All of these factors considered usually means a messier garage than you would like!

Benefits of Garage Wall Storage Systems

Of course, there’s the obvious benefit of garage wall storage systems which is that they allow for more storage. However, there are some other benefits to these storage solutions that may be worth knowing as well!

Eliminates clutter

Is there anything quite as unpleasant to the eye as garage clutter? Of course, there is, but it’s still not something you want to have to look at every day. 

Garage wall storage systems help eliminate clutter. That could be clutter that gathers on top of your garage workspace or even the garage floor. A storage system, especially when built custom, will allow for each of the items in your garage to have a place to go. Your things will stay neat and the rest of your garage will remain clutter free.

Improves the overall look of your garage

When you reduce the clutter in your garage it’s only going to get prettier! Not to mention how garage wall storage systems can add a luxurious looking touch to the aesthetic of your home.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure you buy the right garage wall storage system that’s functional and looks nice too! Look for something on the more modern side that will provide a finished look.

Means for a safer garage

Safety is likely something you want to make a priority in your home. Especially if you have smaller children in your family.

A messy garage can actually be dangerous as it can mean tripping and falling more easily. It could also mean damage to your vehicles, not to mention missed leaks or exposure to dangerous chemicals that should really be stored away and locked.

Increases the value of your home

Garage wall storage systems look incredible, which is of course going to add to the overall value of your home. However, they also provide value as the storage system itself is likely to be considered a huge asset to a lot of different buyers. 

It’s going to come across as more impressive and professional which are both major selling factors. Great storage will also help you to get more organized and improve the appearance of your home before potential buyers see it.

Provides tool organization

Workshop Interior With Tools, Working Equipments And Wooden Working Table.

Tools are simply one of those things that can be tricky to keep organized. Especially if you don’t have the proper storage for them. 

A proper storage system means you’ll spend less time searching for the tools you need. You can also set up your tools in a way that allows you to have the ones you need most closer. Your workspace will be less cluttered and you’ll be much more set up for success.

Allows you to lock tools up

Your tools are valuable and if someone is to somehow get into your garage, you want to have comfort in knowing they’re locked up. If this is something that’s important to you, be sure to get a garage wall storage system that has locking doors and drawers. Put your keys in a safe, but easily accessible place.

More room for a garage workshop

Have you always dreamed of having a garage workshop? It’s something that is definitely going to be more possible when you have proper garage storage! With less clutter, you can turn your garage into a multi-functional space and even have an area that allows you some room to get to work. 

This could also be a huge selling feature if you’re looking to increase the value of your home.

How to Choose the Right Garage Wall Storage System

Once you’ve decided a garage wall storage system is the right choice for you, it’ll be time to choose one! Without prior knowledge that might be slightly difficult. We’ve provided our best tips to help make the decision process a bit easier!

  1. Think about what will help maximize your storage space

Don’t just think about what looks great, or what your neighbor down the street has. Take the time to really think about what’s going to make the most sense for you in terms of storage. 

You want to ensure you’re using every bit of space available to you for storage while still having plenty of room to park the car and do whatever else you may need to do in your garage space.

  1. Invest in high quality materials

Sure, you can go to the store and grab a cheap option off the shelf. But is it really going to last? It’s not very likely!

Look to buy high quality storage products meant for the garage. They should be able to handle some wear and tear and also be able to support your heaviest items.

This is where going custom can be a huge asset!

  1. Find a storage solution with an adequate weight capacity

The things you choose to store might be super heavy which is definitely something you should take into account when choosing garage storage. Ensure whatever option you choose is super sturdy and will be something you can rely on to hold your heavy items for a long time to come.

  1. Make sure it’s versatile

You’ll be setting up your garage for what you have to store now and likely what you plan to store in the future. However, you should still think about versatility and whether or not you’ll be able to switch things up easily. 

You want your garage to be able to adapt as things change and as you add more items to your list of garage items. Maybe you’ll be having kids in the next couple of years and will need to store toys and other outdoor items. Choose versatile storage and you’ll never regret it!

  1. Consider the aesthetics of your garage wall storage system

Functionality is likely your top priority when it comes to your garage storage. But that doesn’t mean all aesthetics need to go out the window! Choose something that’s going to look great and provide you with a bit of visual appeal.

Storage systems in general should work to add to the room’s décor, not take away from it.

  1. Ensure it’s easy to use

The last thing you want is to be fiddling around with your garage cabinets and drawers. That pretty much defeats the purpose of getting a garage wall storage system in the first place!

Be confident whatever storage option you choose is easy to use and that it won’t leave you feeling frustrated. Try it out ahead of purchasing it or look to a professional to provide you with some recommendations.

A Custom Space Just for You

At Coastal Closets and Showers we’re experts in all different types of storage solutions. That means garage wall storage systems and custom garage storage of all types! You want your garage to be aesthetically pleasing while also functional, which happens to be something we’re experts in!

And believe us when we say an organized and clutter free garage is something that’s definitely achievable. Our team is super knowledgeable on all different types of storage systems and is ready to help you make the custom space of your dreams. You won’t need to worry about whether or not your garage will stay clean when you’ve got a professional on your side. 

Ready to get started? Click here to contact us and book your free consultation!


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