Like many people around the world, you may have faced a sudden transition to working from home after spending your entire career working in an office. Or perhaps you’ve always worked from home so this wasn’t a big change for you. 

But no matter how long you are working from home, it’s incredibly important to have a home office that inspires creativity and productivity. Of course, you want it to be comfortable and aligned with your design taste. That’s why today we’re going to share some of our favorite home office ideas to help you create a space that’s more conducive to creativity and productivity. 

Home Office Design That Will Inspire You To Work

You know you have to work. But when you can create a workspace that makes you want to work, that’s even better! With these home office design to inspire you, you’ll be crossing off items on your to-do list faster than ever before.

10 Home Office Design

Take a look at these ten ideas for inspiration for your own office. 

(And if you need more help creating a space you love, take a look at this home office gallery for more ideas!)

Less is more

You’ve probably heard this saying when it comes to makeup or jewelry, but “less is more” can include your home office design too! Minimalism not only helps you save money on unnecessary details, but it also means your space will be less distracting. And we all know that distractions can be a productivity killer.


Unless you’re lucky enough to have a home office with endless room, chances are you need to be wise about how you use the space. We encourage you to work with us for our space-saving skills so we can help you make the most of this space. This can include building an office closet perfectly designed for your unique needs and ensuring the space is aligned with your goals.

Showcase your personality

Who says an office needs to be boring? There are plenty of ways to add a little personality to your at-home office without making it distracting or overwhelming. For example, consider including a photo wall in your home office with pictures of your children, pets, or from your favorite trip. These make the space “yours” without being too busy. 

A tidy workstation reflects a tidy mind.

Maybe you’re one of those rare individuals who work best in chaos. But for most people, a tidy, organized space is the best for getting work done. In addition to completing regular tidy-ups in your office, make sure it’s set up to help you keep it tidy. This includes having the proper storage for any items you keep in your office, like pens, folders, books, and other equipment. 

Blend old and new

Are you a fan of traditional styles or do more modern looks catch your eye? Either way, swaying too far in either direction can leave your space looking outdated or cold and unwelcoming. In your home office, and the rest of your home for that matter, a blend between modern and traditional styles works best. You may have a majority of your decor modern, but you can soften the look and make the space more welcoming by adding a traditional rug. 

Let the sunshine in!

Be sure to make the most of any natural light you can get in your office. If you plan on working late at night too, be sure to invest in good quality lighting that won’t hurt your eyes on those long nights.

Make scents

10 Home Office Ideas - Home Office Ideas

Harnessing the power of certain scents is another home office idea you don’t want to skip out on! This could be adding a beautiful glass jar of coffee beans to your desk, fresh flowers, or your favorite candle. It’s also worth considering the addition of an essential oils diffuser to your office. Certain scents, including peppermint, cinnamon, and jasmine, are known for their productivity-boosting powers!

Get creative

One of our favorite home office ideas is adding a colorful feature wall. This accomplishes a lot of goals in one step. For starters, it customizes the space and personalizes it to your taste. It can also make space look bigger and more thoughtfully designed. The other great thing about a feature wall is that it doesn’t take up any additional space! If painting the wall isn’t an option, consider hanging a unique piece of art on one wall in the office. 

Get Creative

Just cozy enough

A calm and cozy space is always nice. But if your home office is too colorful, you risk feeling sleepy or too relaxed. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be cozy at all! Rather than adding a bed to your home office for those midday power naps, a throw pillow and blanket on a lounge chair might be a better way to go. This makes it look welcoming and comfortable. After all, this is an office you’re designing, not space to sleep!

Harness plant power

There’s a reason adding plants to space is on just about every list of home office ideas! Plants not only make your space look great, but they can add a number of other benefits as well. You can see a full list of science-backed benefits of adding plants to indoor spaces here. But in the meantime, we can tell you the list includes reducing stress, boosting productivity, and improving indoor air quality!

Harness plant power - Home Office Ideas

More Home Office Plan

Nobody wants to spend all of their time in the office, but these home office ideas will make your space as comfortable and enjoyable as possible! Are you interested in getting more help with creating organized and comfortable spaces in your home? Coastal Closets & Showers is here to help! Our cabinet selection for home offices can mix both the physical beauty and functionality to accomplish any goal. For all of your home’s spaces, we have the expertise and experience to transform them into your favorite place. Call us today to get started! 


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