Custom Foyers

Creative custom foyer solutions for you and your family

Why Custom Foyers

Are you dreaming of giving your foyer a redo? Choosing the right foyer for your home can be a hard decision. Let us help.

We have foyers that make sure the entrance to your home is making a statement. Many people don’t give a second thought to a foyer, but it is the entry way to home and it should always look it’s best to welcome guests and its residents back. Our custom foyers ensure that we your foyer is always welcoming.

Custom Foyer with lots of pilliows

Product Gallery

We offer a range of choices, items, and options, that let you personalize your space to your unique needs. Everything from accessorizes to whole rooms that are custom designed. 

Custom Foyer with lots of pilliowsCustom Foyer with lots of pilliows
Custom Foyer next to a windowCustom Foyer next to a window
Custom built foyer with a couch and pillowsCustom built foyer with a couch and pillows
Custom Foyer Beach ThemedCustom Foyer Beach Themed

Coastal Difference

Narrow down all your choices by sitting with us and selecting the perfect foyer. Decide on a gorgeous style with your budget and let us help you transform your foyer into an amazing space.

Coastal Closets & Showers has its services extended all over St. Lucie, Vero Beach and Stuart Fl. Our services are customized to meet your space and budget requirements according to the complexity of the design and materials you select. Reach out to us and find out how our services work.

Let Us Help You

There are many foyers that are boring and bland, functional sure, but couldn’t they be more? Something to welcomes you home after a long day? Create plenty of space and create a comfy feel with our custom foyers. Coastal Closets and Showers have many design styles and finishes for your pantries at affordable prices. Our design team is ready to assist you in your redesign. Let’s begin that new foyer!

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