Custom Wall Beds

Creative custom Wall Beds for you and your family

Custom Wall Beds

Are you dreaming of having more space in a room but don’t know what to cut? Perhaps a wall bed could help?

Do you need a home office and a place for your guests to stay? Wall beds are the perfect solution for any room in your home needing more space.  They help to maximize and utilize your spaces, while also adding additional storage and organization. In a matter of minutes, offices and dens can be quickly converted to guest bedrooms with a real bed! With many styles, design options and finishes, your new wall bed will be a complimentary piece of furniture with dual functionality. During the design process, many clients decide to add a desk unit, utilizing every inch of space!

A custom wall bed that is made out of wood

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We offer a range of choices, items, and options, that let you personalize your space to your unique needs. Everything from accessorizes to whole rooms that are custom designed. 

A wall bed next to a windowA wall bed next to a window
Custom twin Wall Bed that is whiteCustom twin Wall Bed that is white
A wall bed that is built into the wallA wall bed that is built into the wall

Coastal Difference

Our designers will collaborate with you in every stage to convert a wall to an inspired customized space. You can even enhance the space with LED strip lighting. Add rich textures with glass, wood and metal. We have uncountable number of ways to create the style you desire while you stay within your budget. Reach out to us to avail our custom wall unit services all over Vero Beach.

Let Us Help You

Wall beds can let you reclaim a room. Think of all the space you could take back from a room if you had a bed that could fold up into the nearest room. Changing up something so simple can have a big impact! The new space can be repurposed to suit your needs and demands. Let us help you reclaim that space!

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