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Custom Wall Unit Design

Are you dreaming of giving your new wall space? Something to bring the room together? 

Coastal Closets and Showers has got you covered with all the custom wall units be it a small alcove, fireplace, nook, bedroom or TV wall. The wall units are crafted to meet any space requirement. Let your imagination run wild with the most versatile designs. The media center is a hub for leisure and all of our wall units are customized to fit the innovative designs. The space in your home that displays the cabinets, theatre, library storage and wardrobes should depict beauty and at the same time bring out the functionality. Join us in our journey to create the ultimate organization and storage space in almost every area of your home or office.

Custom Wall Unit made with wood

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We offer a range of choices, items, and options, that let you personalize your space to your unique needs. Everything from accessorizes to whole rooms that are custom designed. 

Custom Wall Unit far sideCustom Wall Unit far side
Custom Wall Unit with tvCustom Wall Unit with tv
Custom Wall Unit made with woodCustom Wall Unit made with wood

Coastal Difference

Our designers will collaborate with you in every stage to convert a wall to an inspired customized space. You can even enhance the space with LED strip lighting. Add rich textures with glass, wood and metal. We have uncountable number of ways to create the style you desire while you stay within your budget. Reach out to us to avail our custom wall unit services all over Vero Beach.

Let Us Help You

After looking at many wall units, you might still not be sure which one to go for. Maybe you found the right one, only to realize your new flat screen doesn’t fit! We have a solution. Designing a customized wall unit for your space is a unique way to add your own personal style to your home. We offer a variety of designs and finishes to compliment your space. Depending on your storage needs, entertainment centers can add extra space and functionality to your room with many options. One option is to combine a wall unit with a desk or wall bed, which adds multi purposes to your space. Wall units can also add additional storage and organization to playrooms or game rooms. The possibilities are endless when designing your own customized wall unit! Let us help you make the choice!

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