How To Create a Showcase Closet

Coastal Closets & Showers shares ideas from our interior design expert.

Do you have dreams of a closet that is so much more than storage space? Do you dream about the day when you can display your boutique-worthy wardrobe? Maybe you have rare, limited edition pieces or you just love the idea of a boutique style display for your favorite pieces.

Coastal Closets & Showers are here to make your dreams a reality. By following our five simple steps, you can finally have the closet display of your dreams. By the end, you will have transformed your closet into a runway work of art beautifully equipped with customized displays of highly organized attire.

After you follow our step by step instructions, all you need to do is maintain organization to keep your showcase closet looking boutique ready!

Step One: Incorporate Lighting

You can’t gaze into awe at your high-end fashion-forward pieces if you can’t see them, right? Well that means lighting. Ceiling lighting is an important aspect of ensuring your entire space is illuminated. But you won’t just want to go with old light. Ask your designer at Coastal Closets & Showers what the best shade of ceiling lighting is right for your space.

Now as far as shelf lighting, are there specific clothing items that you want to highlight? If so, you are going to want to make sure you have adequate shelf lighting. This will truly take your showcase closet to a boutique status almost instantly if you continue on with the following steps.

Lighting for Custom Closet

Step Two: Specialized Closed Storage

We all have items that maybe shouldn’t be out for constant display. By designing a custom storage solution for your hideaway non-showcase items you will be able to remain organized. For example, lingerie can be stored in a sectioned drawer to keep pieces together that otherwise you would need to dig through to find. While you may want to display your Red Bottom Heels, you may not feel the same way about your workout sneakers. Creating a space to store your shoes in a shelved section with a door will allow you to easily access those items without letting it damage your showcase style closet design.

Specialized Storage for Custom Closets

Step Three: Keep Specific Colors & Items Together

Now that your closet is installed, the organization can begin. You can start this process efficiently by first organizing your items by style. We have a client with a beautiful closet that says she likes to organize her clothes by the following: tank tops, short sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, sweaters and then dresses. You will then want to organize each section by hue. We recommend transitioning from light to dark. Arranging all of your clothing and shoes in this pattern will maximize your organizational and esthetic effect. Your showcase closet will have you wondering if you’re in your own closet or a high-end boutique.

Specific Colors and Items for Custom Closet

Step Four: Stay Consistent with Your Hanger Selection

Have you ever noticed in any boutique their hangers are all the same? It helps to maintain a classic, clean feel that almost makes you admire the accuracy. Believe it or not, your hanging space will have a lot to do with the showcase closet style you are looking to achieve. Keeping all of your hangers the same color and style will allow you to maintain the uniformed look. Also, all clothes should be hung in the same direction. Consistency is key. Also, you should always take off the plastic from your dry-cleaned items before hanging them back in their place. We cannot stress enough how important this step is in maintaining the boutique style atmosphere of your closet.

Hangers In A Custom Closet

Step Five: Stay Organized

Now that you have implemented all of our steps, it’s simply about the maintenance from this point on. If you continue to pick up as you go, you will be able to keep your beautiful showcase walk-in closet clean. Continue to follow our steps as you add additional pieces to your closet in order to extend the life of your boutique.

Coastal Closets & Showers interior designer recommends a semi-annual closet cleanse, during this time you can go through and decide on any unused, unwanted or outdated apparel and accessories that can be donated or sold. This will allow you to keep your closet organized and airy.

Now sit back and back in your showcase closet!

If you are ready to begin your showcase closet, visit our showroom or give us a call to set up your custom closet consultation! We would love to help your custom dream closets come true!

Custom Closet Organization


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