Laundry Room Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Laundry Room Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

Your laundry room is one of the most important rooms in your home. But interestingly enough, it’s also one of the least functional rooms in the home of many people. For some, having a space to fit the washing machine and the dryer is enough.

However, when this space can be maximized with proper storage, folding areas, and other convenient features, you’ll find it makes a big difference in the flow and function of your home. That’s why these laundry room ideas are some you won’t want to miss!

Laundry Room Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

These tips can apply to laundry rooms of all sizes. So, whether your laundry room is in tight quarters or you have more room than you know what to do with, you can create a beautiful and well-organized space you’re happy to spend time in. Not to mention, it can also be a space that functions well and makes it easy to do your laundry, folding, and other important house work. 

Consider Doubling Up

If you have a big family, laundry probably takes up a big chunk of time not only every week, but on each day. Whether you have one child or six, their laundry seems to pile up unbelievably fast. That makes it tough to keep on top of the laundry. Not to mention, do not let your laundry room become an overwhelming space you avoid unless absolutely necessary. 

In that case, we encourage you to consider doubling up and getting two washing machines and two dryers. The ability to wash and dry two loads simultaneously can be a game changer for many families. With the ability to get more laundry done in less time, you’ll be better able to keep on top of the laundry and not let it overwhelm you. 

Choose Matching Finishes

Choose Matching Finishes - laundry room ideas

When it comes to small laundry room ideas, it’s usually best to stick to the same finishes throughout the entire space. Not only does this mean the same finish on all of the cabinets or other surfaces in the laundry room, but also keeping it in line with the finishes in the rest of the home helps too. This creates a cohesive look throughout your home and also makes the space look uniform and organized. 

Add an Island

Can you imagine the convenience of being able to fold and sort your clean laundry in the laundry room without taking it to another room? Often, the laundry gets dumped in another space for sorting, then before you know it, another task calls you away. Or those pesky socks get lost somewhere along the way! 

One way to combat this challenge is by adding a small kitchen island in your laundry room. If you’re tight on room, you can opt for a fold-down surface, or use a rolling island in a bigger space. Then, you can fold and sort your clothes right there without heading to another area of the home. 

To truly maximize this laundry room idea and the space in your laundry room, choose an island with built in drawers or shelves. This offers up yet another opportunity for additional storage in the space. 

Create a Surface on Top of Your Machines

If an island isn’t an option? Consider adding a countertop over your washer and dryer, if they’re front-loading and allow for it. Having this counter space can make a big difference in how the room functions. 

For starters, you’ll be able to use this space for sorting and folding clothes. and you can also store baskets with detergent and other important items. If your laundry room is tight on space, stick to a lighter color for the countertop surface so it doesn’t make the space look even smaller. 

Zone the Space

We know what you’re thinking: how am I supposed to create zones in a small laundry room? But here’s the thing, zoning your space helps it function better and makes it easier to use. In turn, this makes the space feel bigger. 

Whether it’s pocket doors or simple dividers, zoning the laundry room according to what gets done where helps make a much more efficient space.

Go for Gloss

Whenever possible choose reflective, glossy surfaces for the finishes in your laundry room. These have the effect of making the space look bigger than it is. They’re also a stylish and modern option, and as an added bonus: they’re easy to clean!

Elevate the Equipment

This laundry room idea is particularly useful for bathrooms that have an additional folding surface or island instead of relying on the top of the washer and dryer to perform those tasks. 

If you spend a lot of time in your laundry room and you have front-loading washers, you know first-hand just how tough this can be on your back. Consider elevating your machines off the floor and adding storage space underneath them. This makes it easy to use the machines, and you also have storage space on the ground for things you don’t need or use as often. 

Consider Custom Storage

Working with experts to design custom laundry room storage is a beautiful thing! They’re able to get to know you and the space to figure out the very best way to organize it. Not to mention, professionals have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves for making these spaces as efficient as possible. 

Laundry Room Ideas and Inspiration from Coastal Closets & Showers

As for those custom storage options we recommend? We’re here to help with all of them! The team at Coastal Closets & Showers creates custom, unique spaces for all areas of the home. From laundry rooms to closets, foyers, and more, every space can be efficient and beautiful!

Be it a big or a small laundry room, every laundry room can be wonderfully transformed into a laundry closet organizer with maximum functionality. It can be an area that not only offers the best storage space, but also complements the style of your home.

Call us today to get started! 


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