9 Luxury Custom Closet Design Features

9 Luxury Custom Closet Design Features

What makes regular custom closets stand out from luxury custom closets? While both offer a significant upgrade than traditional reach-in or walk-in closets, a luxury custom closet takes things to the next level in creating a space you’re truly excited to have in your home.

Far beyond it being just a space to store things, a luxury custom closet can be a space you’re eager to spend time in. A room to relax, unwind, and admire your belongings. But this means it needs to be carefully designed to ensure no luxurious element is overlooked! With that in mind, let’s go over nine luxury custom closet design features for you to consider for your own space.

9 Luxury Custom Closet Design Features

These building a custom closet design features might not be right for every space. But depending on your needs and goals for the space, we think you’ll find something in this list you’ll love! 

Custom seating

Who doesn’t dream of having a seating area in their closet? Whether it’s to simply kick back and relax or put on your shoes, this is not only a convenient, but also a beautiful upgrade! Of course, you’ll need to ensure you have enough space to allow for it. If you have to choose between the two, most homeowners would opt for more storage space than seating space. But if you have enough room for both, go ahead and add seating!

There are a few different options for doing this. It will depend on your space, your style, and how you plan to use the space. One convenient option is a padded bench. Alternatively, you could add a lounge chair for reading or reflecting. Or even just a simple chair where you can sit to put your shoes on can make a big difference in the space.

One thing is for sure, if you want to design a luxury custom closet, seating is one of the first things you’ll consider!

Built-in laundry hamper

Speaking of that seating in your closet, do you find it often ends up being a catch-all for your laundry or other items? Rather than putting them away where they’re supposed to go, you might end up tossing them on the floor, a chair, or anywhere else you find room. 

Instead, set yourself up for organizational success by installing a built-in laundry hamper into your luxury custom closet! These hampers can tilt out so they don’t take up additional space when you’re not using them. Not to mention, this also conceals your dirty clothing rather than having it on display on the closet floor!

Center island

Most luxury custom closets include counter space of some sort. Often, this is on the center island in the walk-in closet. These spaces provide a number of benefits for homeowners beyond additional surface area. As handy as that is for extra storage and folding space, the room below your center island provides additional benefits. Here, you can add more storage for small spaces, including drawers and cupboards.

Essentially, closet islands give you space to do things you would normally have to take elsewhere to complete. For example, sorting jewelry or clean clothes! Instead, you can keep them where they belong in the closet, making your closet not only more luxurious, but also more conveniently designed.

Pull-out shelving

Pull-out shelving is another luxurious upgrade to consider for your custom closet. Rather than relying solely on hanging space for shirts and other items, they can be neatly folded and stored on pull out shelving. This pull-out shelving isn’t as deep as drawers, meaning it takes up less room so you can have more of these spaces in your closet than traditional drawers. 

A valet bar

When you come home with a handful of clean dry cleaning, neatly folded and hung up, stored in plastic bags, do you always take it out and put it where it’s supposed to go right away? If you’re like many homeowners, you instead look for space where you can find it to put it until you have time to deal with it. The problem is, the neatly pressed and steamed items often end up getting wrinkled before you’re able to wear them!

So, another luxury custom closet feature to help with your organizational success is what’s known as a valet bar. A valet bar is a small hanging rod meant specifically for these items. That way, you can hang everything up right away and then put it in its final spot in your closet when you have time to do so. 

Dedicated shoe storage

Don’t hide that impressive shoe collection away in drawers or cupboards! Instead, consider adding dedicated, customized shoe storage to your luxury custom closet. Whether it’s an incredible sneaker collection or red-soled shoes anyone would be envious of, there are storage solutions to help you show them off AND store them. 

When you choose custom shoe storage, some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind are how many pairs of shoes you plan to store as well as the size of the shoes. For example, if you’re storing high-heeled shoes on shelving, you’ll need to account for the extra vertical space you’ll need. 

Fold-out ironing board

The space on your closet island probably isn’t suited for ironing clothing. But rather than dragging out an ironing board each time you want to press your garments, why not consider adding a fold-out ironing board instead? This custom closet feature can be neatly tucked away when not in use. So, not only does it make your closet a lot more functional, it does so without taking up any unnecessary space. 

Hanging tie rack

How do you currently store your ties? Are they neatly hung up or bunched into a drawer you dig through looking for just the right one? Even if you do hang them up in your closet, they might take up a lot of unnecessary space. Instead, consider adding a hanging tie rack for the ultimate tie storage solution!

There are several different ways to implement this storage solution. For example, they can function much like drawers so you can tuck away the tie rack when not in use. Alternatively, they can be fixed and mounted on a wall, or as a tilt-out storage solution.


When you think of luxury custom closets, hooks might not be the first thing to come to mind. But the truth is, strategically placed hooks can elevate your space in a way that can only be described as luxurious! From a dedicated spot for your bathrobe to hooks for hats or bags, there are options for every custom closet and every homeowner. 

Other Considerations for Your Luxury Custom Closet

We’ve covered nine luxury custom closet design features to consider for your own home. But what else do you need to know about designing a custom closet? Better yet, what do you need to know to ensure it’s a luxurious space you’re happy to have in your home? 

For starters, you need to ensure you’re working with an experienced closet design company, including Coastal Closets & Showers!

We offer many unique closet design styles when planning your master designer closet. Our design team will take the time to learn what you desire and help you choose the right elements and finishes for your closet.

Coastal Closets & Showers has its closet/cabinet/organizers/closet services extended all over St. Lucie, Vero Beach and Stuart Fl. Our services are customized to meet your space and budget requirements according to the complexity of the design and materials you select. 

Luxury custom closet accessories

Having the right accessories in your custom closet is another way to elevate the space and make it more luxurious. These accessories can range from things like decorative hardware on your drawers or cupboard handles to an eye-catching chandelier in the center of the space.

Keep in mind, even smaller closets can use closet accessories, along with designer elements and finishes to achieve that designer look. That’s just another way that even small spaces can still be luxurious. 

We offer a wide variety of designer closet styles at affordable friendly prices. So, while cost is always a consideration, working with a budget doesn’t mean you can’t end up with a luxury custom closet. 

Ready to get started? Don’t wait another day to learn more about bringing your dream closet to life! 

Whether you have a 13-square foot space to work with or a 50-square foot space (and beyond) to work with, we can help you transform it. We know that luxury isn’t just about looks. It’s how you feel in the space, and we’re committed to helping you create custom home spaces that not only look luxurious, but feel just as luxurious when you’re in them.

So, let’s get started! Click here to book a consultation with our talented team.

Did you know we also offer DIY services? It’s true! You can either provide us with a sketch of your design and allow our team to execute on the creation. Or provide our design team with measurements and requests and let our team design a custom closet to fit your needs. Learn more here

Then when you are ready, you can either pick up or we will deliver your custom cut closet for you to install!

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