Commercial Office Space - Dental lab

Commercial Office Space

Coastal Closets & Showers Commercial Office, Custom Cabinetry, Dentist Lab, Dentist Office

Designing, Organizing Commercial Office Space! Having an organized and efficiently run office is essential! Need help designing your commercial office space? Let Coastal Closets and Showers, assist you in designing an efficient, well organized, functional and professional office space that is tailored to your industry. We build custom cabinetry for commercial offices such as; Executive, Medical, Dental, Animal Hospitals, Labs, etc…We …

Mud Rooms, Entry Ways

Coastal Closets & Showers Custom Cabinetry, Entry Ways, Mud Rooms

 Mud Rooms or Entry Ways Looking Like a Catch-All? It’s vey easy to let our mud rooms, entry ways become over run with endless items stacked everywhere, adding yet another job to Mom’s list! It doesn’t have to be this way!  Our custom designs can provide that storage space you are looking for, while adding plenty of style to your home. …

Custom Cabinetry - Bathroom Vanity

Custom Cabinetry

Coastal Closets & Showers Custom Cabinetry

Have an Idea, Let’s Build it Together! Many of our clients come to us with a unique design, idea or a special request that they would like to incorporate into their design elements. This is where custom cabinetry comes into play. Our design team works closely to combine these ideas and create something that seamlessly integrates into your project wherever …