Whether you’re renovating your existing bathroom or designing one for a new home, there are all kinds of questions to consider. What kind of bathroom floor will you choose? What surface will you choose for your bathroom counters? Will you go with a bright, bold color for the walls or something more subtle? And of course, you’ll also have to ask yourself whether a frameless shower door is right for your bathroom.

Pros and cons of frameless shower door enclosures

Coastal Closets and Showers in Stuart, FL is here to help whether you decide a frameless shower door or semi-frameless shower door is right for you.

To help you make this choice, let’s break down some of the pros and cons of frameless shower door enclosures. 

What are the pros?

Seamless design:

Without a bulky metal frame blocking your view or disrupting the flow of your bathroom, a frameless shower door offers a more seamless, clean-looking design. If you want to showcase your beautiful shower tile or shower heads, a frameless shower door can help provide an unobstructed view. 

Less mold and corrosion:

Traditional framed shower doors have seals, and these areas are prone to developing mold and mildew. Even with constant cleaning and maintenance, moisture works its way into these seals. With frameless enclosures, there are no seals for water to get stuck in. Ultimately, you help save yourself the trouble of dealing with mold and mildew in your shower door this way. Not to mention, this minimalist shower door style is much easier to clean!

For more on caring for your glass shower doors, click here. 


Custom glass shower doors can be customized to your taste and the specific layout of your bathroom. Most frameless doors are even more customizable than traditional glass shower doors, so you have all kinds of options to choose from. 

We also share more tips for choosing the best custom shower doors for your home in this post.

pros and cons of shower door enclosures near me

What are the cons of frameless shower door enclosures?


Frameless shower doors cost more than traditional shower doors because in order to be solid and supported, they require much thicker glass. While the initial cost might deter some homeowners, keep in mind it can ultimately improve your property value. 


We discussed how frameless shower enclosures don’t have seals. While this is a good thing as far as cleaning and preventing leaks goes, it can also mean your shower is more prone to leaking when water escapes through the gaps out onto the bathroom floor. But keep in mind, if you work with a reliable, experienced shower glass company, you can be sure your glass is precisely measured to prevent leaky areas. They can also place your shower head strategically, further reducing the chance of leaks. 

Less privacy:

To many homeowners, the transparency and openness of a frameless shower door enclosure is one of the most appealing qualities. But for homeowners who share their bathroom with others, it can disrupt the use of the bathroom by limiting privacy when multiple people are in the same space. If this is a concern, talk to your glass company about frosted glass options. 

We can help

Are you ready to go ahead and choose your custom frameless glass doors? We can help. 

We design and professionally install both frameless and semi-frameless styles, adding a unique and custom look to your bathroom. Stop by our showroom or schedule your in home complimentary consultation!


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