Custom Shower Doors Vs. Shower Curtains

Combined shower-baths are great for smaller spaces (or budgets) especially if you interested in both a shower enclosure and bath. However, you are then placed with the dilemma between a shower curtain or glass shower doors to enclose it. While some may gravitate toward the softer look of waterproof fabric that can be changed as often as your heart desires, others are partial to the simplicity and efficiency of a sheer glass pane. To help point you in the right direction, Coastal Closets & Showers has compiled five benefits each of glass doors and shower curtains.

Shower Curtains

1. Soften The Surfaces

A perfectly chosen piece of fabric (waterproofed or backed with a water-resistant liner) can alter the overall appearance of any bathroom. Some bathrooms teeter on the edge of either being too harsh or too sterile. A delicate design can help upgrade any shower space. This classic look with a perfected blend of marble, tiles or lightly colored paint is a much softer look for any bathroom. Thanks to the floor-length shower curtain running the length of the bath, any space can be softened to create a simple look that can be changed at will. Make sure your chosen curtain – or at least the outer fabric section – can be washed at home to prevent mildew or unsightly staining.

Shower Curtain in Sunlight

2. Add Personality

To put this simply, shower curtains can inject a blast of color, personality or print with minimal fuss, expense or effort on your part. And even better, for those that change their mind as quickly as you kick off your shoes, the curtain can be replaced with another shower curtain in a completely different style to completely change the look of your bathroom.

With shower curtains, you can be bold with color in the bathroom. Don’t feel that you have to keep the basic all white look to keep the fresh feel. You can add pops of yellow, brave accents of lightly colored blue, which glow against a dotted shower curtain in neutral tones.

3. Rev Up A Roll-Top

Roll-top baths with a shower fitted above can be notoriously difficult to pull off — particularly when it comes to dealing with water spills and splashes. Glass panels are generally a no-no where curves and awkwardly shaped tubs are concerned, unless you go for something custom, so your best bet is to install a robust ceiling-mounted rail and finish with a heavy-duty, waterproof shower curtain that can be swept all the way around the inside the tub.

If you are looking for options for your awkwardly shaped shower space and think that shower curtains are your only option, ask Coastal Closets & Showers about your custom shower doors options before running to the basic shower curtain.

4. Make It Pretty

The amount of times Coastal Closets & Showers have heard about the love of decorating every room with as much fuss as possible – including the bathroom. Often time, our customers will express this as their only reason for choosing shower curtains previously. Those that like a lot of color and design, love the simplicity of shower curtains.Finish your shower-bath look off with a printed wallpaper and a pair of seagull wall art and you might just stay there all day.

5. Make It Modern

Shower curtains unless properly chosen can be a thumbs down to the modern look. Many customers of Coastal Closets & Showers express the difficulty of upgrading their bathroom to a more modern look with the classic style of shower curtains. That is why many of our clients have made the switch to custom shower doors. If you can find a sheer shower curtain with a hint of shimmer and a textured graphic brown, you can maintain a basic modern look with a bit of texture.

Blue Show Curtain in Blue Bathroom

Custom Shower Doors

1. Go For A Full Enclosure

There’s no fear of water escaping from your recessed bath, as our custom sliding shower doors fully enclose the tub in a neat, no-nonsense fashion.Sliding panels of glass customized to your space is also a great option where the space is a premium as our shower doors do not need a hinge or need to pivot outward, eating into the valuable floor space and making fixtures and fittings awkward to use.
Custom Showers Semi-Frameless with Tub

2. Utilize Tricky Spaces

A bath can be fit into any unused space or nook, but how do you deal with a sloping ceiling if you really love a shower too?

Your best bet for this dilemma is a custom shower door from Coastal Closets & Showers. We can accommodate tricky spaces and angles as well as nonstandard heights. We create custom cut shower doors for your space for a splash-proof solution which of course for shower lovers is worth its weight in gold.

3. Expand Your Space

A fixed panel of frameless glass fits any style of bathroom from all white, compact scheme, and fuss free lines where curtains just cannot compete. This is the best option if your bathroom is compact. Curtains and glass fittings minimize and break up the space and appear to actually shrink the room.

Frameless Shower Door

4. Keep It Simple

If you have a lot of décor throughout your bathroom such as colored tiles, sink decorations or wall décor, the sheer appearance of glass shower doors will give you a simplified look. Glass shower doors allow you to decorate to your heart’s desire without overdoing the space.

Coastal Closets & Showers uses glass with a special coating so that dirt and limescale will not accumulate and make it easy to clean. Our shower doors will save you a lot of elbow grease.

5. Fold It Away

There aren’t a lot of options when it comes to entering a shower with curtains: draw to one side to step in and pull right back across. With custom shower doors by Coastal Closets & Showers the options are endless. We offer not only sliding glass doors but also hinged, and multi-panel designs that will fit your needs. Our designer will help you decide what the best entrance option is for your space.

Custom Shower Door Advantages

There are many advantages associated with having a custom shower door. Coastal Closets & Showers only use safety tempered or laminated glass in the manufacturing process of our shower doors allow for many years of worry free durability and minimal maintenance.

This makes up for the added expense of replacing shower curtains. Our shower doors at Coastal Closets & Showers can be kept looking new for years with a protective coating making it easier to clean. We also recommend using a squeegee after each use to prevent streaking. If you have hard water stains or scale build up, you can easily clean your doors with warm soapy water and a shower sponge.

Variety of Shower Door Options

Coastal Closets & Showers offers a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the perfect shower door for your space. Customize your space with a wide variety of sizes, colors and glass options to match any style and décor.

Your bathroom is one of your homes more intimate spaces making every detail including your shower doors equally important. Shower doors have become the focal point of many bathrooms. Your shower doors have become one of the most prominent fixtures of any bathroom and are the one of the first things noticed when entering your bathroom. This is why it makes the most logic to invest in a statement piece to up the elegancy of your space. The trend that is growing in popularity is our frameless shower door series. This adds to the open style of the design and creates a feeling of space. Your long-term investment in your custom shower doors by Coastal Closets & Showers will add to the equity of your home and make it the most functional room in a showcase.
Custom Shower Frameless with tub

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Don’t underestimate the importance of upgrading your bathroom. This is the most frequently used space in your home. Custom designs can be made to fit any opening. Consider your needs for an enclosure, a bath adjacent to the master bedroom, or another in a hallway or a unit that can be specially angle cut for a sloped ceiling application.

Semi-frameless or frameless, the shower enclosure gives a finished look to any bathroom and more often than not sets the tone for your decorating scheme. Our designer at Coastal Closets & Showers will work with you to enhance your own ideas. Start by measuring the space you have available.

Whether you are in the process of deciding between curtains or shower doors, we would love to provide you with a free consultation to help in simplifying your decision. Call Coastal Closets & Showers for your free custom consultation and see whether a curtain or custom shower doors are right for your space!

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