Can you believe 2020 is already coming to a close? Like many of us, you’re probably looking forward to a new year and a fresh start! But before we welcome the new year, we wanted to look back at some of the top custom closet designs of 2020. 

After all, many of these designs will still be just as trendy in 2021, and you could find the inspiration you’ve been searching for to design your own custom closet! 

Here are some of the most popular custom closet design trends we saw this year. 

Built-in storage

One trend that never seems to get old is incorporating additional built-in storage options in a custom closet design.

There are so many different ways to do this! Depending on your needs, it could mean including features like:

  • Shoe storage
  • Built-in drawers for jewelry and other personal items
  • Installing a safe in your closet

Our clients come to us with all kinds of unique needs. Whether it’s creating a spot perfect for storing your wrapping paper or a place to display your hat collection, we’ve got all of the tools and tricks you need to create your dream closet! 

Specialized Storage for Custom Closets

Adjustable shelving

If you have a growing child, incorporating adjustable shelving in their closet design can be a game changer.

As they get older and their clothes get bigger, you can simply raise the height between hanging rods to make room for longer articles. You can also account for other storage needs for your children, including places to keep their toys, diapers, blankets, and other items. 

Take a look at this post for nine more tips for designing a closet that will grow with your child

Lighting for Custom Closet

Customization is key

This year more than ever, our clients were focused on creating a total custom closet design that worked with their lifestyle, needs, and organizational challenges. And we were happy to oblige and come up with great plans that work for them!

The options are almost limitless when it comes to customizing your closet. 

Here are some of the unique customizations you might not have considered:

  • Built-in seating
  • Shelf lighting
  • Integrated laundry baskets
  • A folding surface for clothing

Virtual custom closet design

Another trend we saw more of this year was for virtual custom closet design. To keep our clients and our staff safe, our virtual design services proved very useful! 

We have made it really easy to achieve an incredible closet design, all without having one of our designers step foot in your home!

After you’ve booked your virtual design appointment, use our custom measurement guide to provide your designer with a detailed account of your space. Accurate measurements are critical, but we provide you with everything you need to make sure this is done right. 

Instead, our clients send us a request for a virtual design consultation. Then, the clients use our measurement guide to take accurate measurements of their space. During the virtual consultation, our designers get to know the clients and what they’re looking for with their custom closet design, as well as any special organizational needs they might have. Not to mention, any storage problems they’re facing and ready to solve! 

Next, our clients work directly with our closet designers to create your custom storage solution all online! Designers help view and explore options, and make adjustments in real time with a 3D visual of the custom space.

Take a look at some of the reach-in and walk-in closet design options we have available here

What custom closet design trends will we see in 2021?

We never know exactly what a new year will bring, but we can make some guesses when it comes to custom closet design.

We expect many of the current trends to continue, including virtual closet design continuing to expand. We also expect to see our clients continue to explore their options for customizing their space and adding personal touches to really make it their own. Are you ready to start designing the closet you’ve been dreaming of? We can help. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get started!


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