Sometimes the need for certain items in your home competes with the lack of available space. You might need a place for guests to stay every once in a while. At the same time you may also need an area for your things like your office desk. Luckily, this problem is easily solved with custom Murphy beds!

Here we discuss some of the common situations that can benefit from a Murphy bed.

Murphy beds and office space

Whether it’s a college dorm room, or a single room in your home, a Murphy bed can be used to create dual function. A hidden bed with a desk can be created so the bed lifts up to reveal a desk below it.

You can push the bed up against the wall and have a platform that drops down. This works to provide a desk for office and school work.

Add a chair to the space that can easily move around. You might place it in a corner when the bed feature is in use. Or use it to sit when the bed is up and the desk is down.

Hidden bed desks are perfect for guests and visitors, and are great for creating single rooms into dual use spaces.

Reduced clutter and better organization

Another key benefit of wall beds is that they can be designed with custom storage systems. You can add filing cabinets or drawers to the sides of the bed, or coordinate them into the wall bed system.

You might add decorative shelving around the bed feature, cubbies throughout, or even add an entire wardrobe closet to the side of it. The storage possibilities are endless!

The ability to add storage features to your Murphy bed system means for a major improvement in organization and decluttering. This is especially true for hidden desk beds as you can organize all of your files and supplies in one area.

Speaking of organizing, check out some of our home office organization tips here!

There’s no need to go searching for the materials you need once the bed has been converted to a desk space.

Murphy beds create room without the need to move

If your family is growing or you are expecting a longer-term visitor. Murphy beds are the perfect solution to extending your space without the need for moving.

You can easily pull out your Murphy bed at night and tuck it away during the day when you need to use the space for work, exercise, kids and more.

Murphy beds also have thicker mattresses that are practical for every day sleeping which means that guests will stay comfortable. Sleeper sofas on the other hand, are known to come with thin mattresses so that they can be folded over into the sofa. This makes wall  beds the better choice by far!

Convenience is also key as there is no need to take the bed and bed linens apart each day. Simply pull down the bed with sheets, blankets, and pillows intact.

You’re good to go for a good night’s sleep!

Custom Murphy Beds

As you can see, Murphy beds can help to solve a number of problems when it comes to space in the home. Space is even better utilized with custom solutions!

Coastal Closets and Showers offers a range of choices, items, and options for your custom Murphy bed. We can design an option that will best personalize your space to your unique needs with everything from minor accessories to the customization of entire rooms.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our custom Murphy bed solutions! We look forward to helping you maximize your space and get the functional room you’ve been looking for.


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