4 Essentials to Include in Your Custom Shower Design

So, you’ve decided to go with a custom shower design, but you’re not exactly what that design will include. Maybe your shower is strictly used for bathing, or perhaps you want to turn it into a relaxing oasis where you can escape from the outside world? What kind of custom shower doors will you choose? Will your showerhead include several different spray patterns? What about your other shower fixtures?

How To Plan & Design Your Custom Shower

We know all of these considerations add up to a lot to think about, so let’s go over 4 of the primary features you’ll want to plan for and include in your shower design.

90 Degree Frameless Shower Door

Shower Storage

Maybe your shower only needs one area for storing shampoo, conditioner, and soap. In that case, one shelf may be plenty of storage, and you’ll keep everything else you need in the rest of the bathroom.

With a spacious shower, you’ll have plenty of room for adding shower niches for storage where they’d be useful for you. But you’ll want to ask yourself a few things about their design:

• Will they be vertical or horizontal?
• Will your shower niches have custom tile design (i.e., mosaic tiles, marble tiles, glass tiles)?
• Do you want one large shower niche or a few small ones?

If you have a small shower, you can still consider adding plenty of storage within the shower enclosure by adding a vertical niche with multiple shelves so you can stack your items.

You’ll notice this custom shower has two separate shower niches for additional storage.

Here are some more great design ideas for making the most of the rest of the storage in your small bathroom.

90 Degree Frameless

Shower Heads

Over the years, shower heads have evolved from the standard shower head that would just spray water from one place to adding body sprays, a variety of spray patterns, dual shower heads, handheld shower heads, and so much more.

When you’re choosing a shower head for your custom shower, you’ll want to consider what type of shower head would be best for you.

Here are some things to think about:

• For families with small children and pets, a handheld shower head is a convenient choice to assist with hair washing and pet bathing.
• Or perhaps you’d like to create a spa-like experience within your shower and a rainfall shower head is just the thing you need.
• Other options include jet streams, multiple shower heads placed throughout the shower to get the full body spray experience, and dual shower heads to get two experiences (like a rainfall and jet stream) all at once.

Take a look at this shower system. You’ll notice it has two separate showerheads: One with a detachable handheld feature, and the other is an overhead rainfall or drench shower head.

You can also choose from different looks and designs for your shower heads. Brushed nickel has become one of the most popular and stylish shower head choices, and you can also choose this design for your shower arms and other features.

Frameless Shower Doors

Shower Valves

You might not think much about your shower valve unless it isn’t working, but it’s a critical part of your shower design. If you’ve ever scalded yourself, suddenly had your shower turn ice cold, or had a shower with water flow that was way too weak or too strong, you know just how important a good shower valve is to effective shower designs.

So, what exactly is a shower valve? This valve controls not only the flow of your shower water, but also the water temperature. Depending on the temperature that your shower is set to, a shower valve mixes certain proportions of hot and cold water.

In a typical one-way twin shower valve, the valve directs water out of one pressure balanced outlet. But there are three other options you should be aware of:

• Two-way twin shower valve: This type of outlet can divert water from one outlet to another. For example, from your rainfall showerhead to a body spray showerhead. What it doesn’t do, however, is allow for fine control of your water pressure — it’s either completely on from one outlet or off.
• Two-way triple shower valve: With a two-way triple shower valve, you have full control of two shower outlets at one time. That means you could use your rainfall showerhead and your body spray showerhead at the same time. One of the three functions controls temperature, and the other two control the flow of water to either outlet.
• Three-way triple shower valve: This type of shower valve is similar to a two-way triple shower valve except it has one additional control for a third outlet. One function is devoted to temperature control, while the other three can control the flow of water between three separate outlets. If your shower had an overhead rainfall head, a body spray showerhead, and a handheld showerhead, you’d want a three-way triple shower valve to give you control of all three.

When it comes to what to consider when planning a custom shower and its valves, you’ll also want to ask yourself if you prefer concealed or exposed valves, thermostatic or manual valves, and if you need separate diverter valves for your shower.

Sliding Frameless

Shower Doors

Whether you opt for custom glass or a shower curtain to act as your shower door, you’ll want to put some serious thought into its design and what would work best for you.

Shower curtains are a nice way to soften up the look of a bathroom and you can add some personality and color to the space with an eye-catching design.

To prevent water leakage in a recessed bath, a glass shower door is the way to go. These doors also allow for more creative use of space within a bathroom (i.e., if you have an angled ceiling where a shower curtain wouldn’t work) and add an elegant look to any bathroom.

If you’d like to learn more about choosing between a shower curtain or a custom glass shower door, don’t miss this post.

Your Custom Shower Systems Buying Guide

Your shower storage, shower heads, shower valves, and shower doors are a few of the items you’ll include on your custom shower system buying list.

Here are some of the other features you’ll have to think about:

• Will your shower include a bench for seating? What about a handle or railing for stability?
• Can your bathroom accommodate a walk-in shower or is a smaller design better for your space?
• Will your shower walls have additional tile designs or the same look throughout the entire space?

We know this is a lot to think about — but we’re here to help with all of your custom shower needs from design to installation and everything in between.

If you’re in Stuart, Florida, come by and see us today or give us a call to set up a FREE in-home consultation and make Coastal Closets & Showers your first choice for all of your custom shower needs!


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