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Custom Closet Accessory Guide

How do you choose the right closet accessories for your custom closet? Of course you want your closet to be beautiful and neatly organized, but you also want to make sure it’s designed to suit YOU and your needs.
Every homeowner needs different things from their closet, which is why no two closets will ever be quite the same. A big part of making sure your custom closet works for you is choosing the right closet accessories to help you keep it organized and functional.

Before we discuss how to pick the right custom closet accessories for you, we’ll cover some of the closet accessories you have to choose from.

Types of Closet Accessories

When you’re designing a custom closet, these are some of the closet accessories you’ll come across:
• Shoe racks
• Tie racks
• Drawers and slide-outs for jewelry and other accessories
• Drawer dividers
• Hooks
• Built-in hampers and baskets
• Lights
• Mirrors
• Security

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Closet Accessory Guide

Now that you know some of the closet accessories options you have to choose from, how do you know what’s right for you? It all comes down to really thinking about the goals you have in mind for your closet. You need to think of what exactly you’ll use your closet for, and what kind of storage would make the most sense for you.
Here are some examples.

You Want a Basic A Closet

In that case, you might opt for a closet rod and a shelf lining the top of the closet. If you add accessories you won’t use or don’t need, you’re just taking up space you could have used for hanging clothes.

You Want a Space You Can Relax and Get Ready

When you want a custom closet that functions as a powder room or a lounge at the same time, you’ll opt for a variety of closet accessories. These spaces are also known as showcase closets. You might add a chair, a mirror, and an island with built-in drawers for more storage. Or, you can also utilize different forms of storage for clothing. You might want to incorporate a mix of hanging space, shelves, and drawers.

Secure Storage is a Priority

Closet safes are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners know the master closet is often targeted by burglars on the lookout for jewelry, wallets, and other valuables. With a safe included in your custom closet, you’ll have the peace of mind that these items are securely stored.

Another option is choosing closet drawers with locks. You can choose between the traditional lock and key method, or a more modern remote controlled security system for your closet.

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You Have Unique Items to Store

Perhaps you’re a hat collector, and your collection includes grand hats that take up plenty of space. In that case, not just any closet will do! You need a custom closet with closet accessories built to accommodate your collection so it can be displayed beautifully and accessed easily.

You Want to Keep Your Shoes Organized

Some homeowners prefer to leave their shoes in the front hall closet while others return them to their bedroom closet each night.
There are several different closet accessories to suit different shoe storage needs. For example, if you’re storing boots and heels that need more space, you might opt for a shoe cubby with deep shelves.

If you’re primarily storing flat shoes and sneakers, a pullout shoe organizer might be just the thing for you. Some homeowners also choose more extravagant options, including shoe storage enclosed behind glass doors or rotating shoe racks that store hundreds of shoes.

Other Custom Accessory Considerations

Of course, these aren’t the only things to think about when you design a custom closet. You’ll need to think about things like seasonal storage, closets that can grow and change with your children, and how to maximize the space you have.

Custom Closets with Coastal Closets and Showers

You’ll find plenty of great resources for choosing closet accessories and how to design and plan a practical custom closet on our blog.

When it comes to planning the closet of your dreams, it also helps to turn to the experts. 

The expertise of our premier closet designers means we have great ideas you may have never considered! With our help, you can transform your walk in closets and bring out the best in your home and office. Our custom closet solutions add a certain elegance to the entire home you can’t find elsewhere. 

Coastal Closets and Showers is a family-owned and operated business right here in Stuart, Florida. Call us today so we can help you create the perfect closet for your space!


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