With a new year comes a lot of inspiration to improve our health, our habits, and our homes. For many of us, home improvement tasks take priority in January, and our “to-do” list could feel longer than ever. But one of the most important items to include on this list is making sure you have a streamlined, organized pantry.

When your kitchen or closet pantry is optimally organized, you’ll be amazed at what a positive impact this can have on your life, including saving time and space.

That’s why we’re so excited to share our top 5 pantry organization tips for the new year with you today!

Adjustable Shelving For Your Pantry

During the custom pantry installation process, one of the most commonly requested items is adjustable shelving. When you’re able to customize your storage shelves, you can really maximize every inch of pantry space you have. Adjustable shelving lets you determine not only how many shelves you have at a time, but at what level as well.

Curious about the different ways to utilize adjustable shelving in your pantry? Many homeowners like to raise the lowest shelf so they can store their stand mixer or other tall items on the floor of their pantry. Shelf heights can also be changed to accommodate children. This could mean lowering shelves so children have easy access to snack items, or raising shelves to keep certain items or foods out of their reach.

Adding Lazy Susans to your pantry shelving is another way to make sure you’re using every inch of space. With these rotating storage systems, you can quickly access items in a pantry without having to reach deep into shelves. Here’s a great step-by-step guide for adding Lazy Susans on adjustable shelves in your pantry closet.

Adjustable Shelving For Your Pantry

Use Labels and Containers In Your Pantry

We often encourage homeowners to utilize containers in their custom pantry. Whether you opt for a set of wooden baskets, clear plastic bins, glass jars, or other containers, a streamlined system of containers has numerous benefits.

One of the best things about buying a matching set of containers for pantry storage is that these containers tend to fit together, which means no space has to go to waste from mismatched items. For example, storing your dry baking supplies like flour, sugar, and oats in clear, labeled containers means they can easily be stacked on top of one another.

Storage baskets are another useful container option for your custom pantry. Baskets neatly store similar items together and help give your pantry a neater, more streamlined look.

Whether you use baskets, bins, or another type of container, labels are another important addition. If you know exactly what’s in each container, it will save you from pulling things out in search of what you need — this is often when pantry organization goes haywire!

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Installing Drawers In Pantry Cabinets

When you first go into a pantry and you see pantry cabinets, you might be thinking what a great use of space they are. But for many homeowners, pantry cabinets often go to waste because they consist of a single, deep space. To make the most of your custom pantry cabinets, consider installing drawers or sliding shelves.

With sliding shelves or drawers, you not only create more storage, but you also give yourself easier access to what you need. It’s much easier to pull out a few drawers than to dig far back into a messy, deep cabinet. If you have children, they’ll also be able to reach items stored this way much easier than they could get to items at the back of a cupboard.

When you build a custom pantry, installing drawers and adjustable shelving is something we’re happy to help with. But if you’re planning to retrofit an existing pantry on your own, here are some important tips and guidelines for building pull-out pantry storage.

Hanging Hooks on Pantry Walls

If you’ve had a chance to check out our blogs on custom closet organization or garage organization, you know utilizing hanging space on walls is a great way to maximize every square inch of a storage system. And a kitchen pantry is no exception! When your pantry has hooks installed or stuck on the wall, it opens up a world of storage possibilities.

Here are just a few of the ways we love to use pantry hooks:

• Hanging aprons, oven mitts, and fabric trivets
• Attaching zip ties to items that are awkward to store in drawers (i.e., ladles, strainers, potato mashers) and hanging them from hooks
• Hang a shower organizer from a hook and store onions, garlic, ginger, or other produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated
• Storing measuring cups (many come with holes in their handles which makes them perfect for hanging up)

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Storing Similar Items Together

Storing like items with like items is one of the most overlooked methods of not only pantry organization, but for organizing the whole home.

When you’re unloading your groceries and placing them in your pantry, it might be tempting just put them wherever you can find space. But if you have designated spots for certain items, this entire process gets easier.

It’s also much more useful when it comes time to find something in your pantry. If you know that all of your soups, for example, are stored together, you’ll only need to look in one spot for what you need. Otherwise, you might have to turn your whole pantry upside down finding what you’re looking for.

Custom Pantry Installation

With these 5 pantry organization tips for the new year, you’re well on your way to the tidy and streamlined pantry of your dreams! If you’d like to talk more about creating a custom pantry and how we can help, contact Coastal Closets and Showers today! Coastal Closets & Showers has its kitchen pantry cabinet/organizers/closet services extended all over St. Lucie, Vero Beach, and Stuart, Fl.

During our design consultation, we’ll go over all the points of our design process with you. We’ll help you narrow down all your choices by getting to know you to help you select the perfect pantry closet and pantry organizer for your kitchen and your budget.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Request your free design consultation with Coastal Closets & Showers today by calling (772) 888-2520.


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