5 Handy Garage Storage Ideas for Instant Organization

Picture your garage right now. Do you see a streamlined, organized space with gardening tools neatly hung up, sports gear kept in labeled bins, and bicycles safely stored away on wall mounts? Or are you filled with dread when you think of your garage floor being scattered with boxes and no realistic storage options to speak of?

Without putting some thought into your garage storage solutions, it can either become a disorganized nightmare or a lot of underutilized square footage in your home. With a well-thought-out garage storage plan, you can maximize every square inch of this space. The best part is, many of these solutions are not only inexpensive, but don’t take much time to implement at all either.

To help you make the most of your garage, here are 5 handy garage storage ideas for instant organization.

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Here are five handy garage storage ideas:

1. Utilize wall space
2. Label, label, label
3. Install storage racks
4. Group like with like
5. Add a peg board

Custom Garage with tools

Utilize Wall Space with Custom Garage Wall Units

No custom garage storage plan is complete without accounting for the wall space that could be utilized. This is often an overlooked space that could be put to good use in several ways.

Some homeowners opt to have a garage cabinet installed on the wall for storage, adding a peg board, using storage hooks to hang big items like bikes (we also love this idea for a DIY wood wall reclaimed bike hanger!), or even something as simple as adding shelf for easy access to items.

Utilizing wall space inside your home is another great way to save space and to keep organized. Here are some examples of the wall units we’ve installed for our customers.

Garage custom tools

Custom Garage Storage Labels

Once you have all of your items stored in boxes, making sure those boxes are labeled correctly can save you another big headache! Be sure to write on every box what’s inside of it, or use clear boxes so you can quickly tell what’s inside.

Labeling your garage storage not only helps you get easy access to your items, but if you ever move, it will also make that process much easier too!

Install Storage Racks

We often meet with new clients who can’t even park their cars in the garage anymore because they have no floor space left. As it turns out, once they include storage racks in the custom garage storage system, they often save themselves a ton of valuable floor space. Keep in mind, storage racks don’t need to be on the wall. They can usually also be attached to support beams or poles in the garage.

One of our favorite ways to use storage racks in the garage is for ladder storage — one of the most notoriously difficult items to store. With sturdy racks installed in your garage ceiling (as long as they don’t interfere with your garage door), you can easily slide your ladder in and out when you need it.

For more ceiling storage ideas, have a look at this post.

Custom Garage System

Group Similar Items Together

This tip is pretty straightforward. By grouping similar items together, you can look for what you need in one spot rather than searching the entire garage for what you need.

These are some categories you can start with:

• Sports gear
• Gardening tools
• Tools (see our next tip for the perfect tool storage solution)
• Decorations
• Seasonal clothing

Add A Pegboard

Many homeowners use their garage primarily as a workspace. When it comes to tool storage, it’s hard to beat the convenience of a peg board — especially when it’s installed over a workbench. They can be customized to store just about anything you can think of, from gardening tools to wrapping supplies, jewelry, and much more.

All pegboard comes with holes that are 1 inch apart. However, you can choose between small hole or large hole pegboard. If you’re using pegboard to store smaller tools like wrapping paper or scissors, small hole pegboard usually works well. But if you’re storing heavier duty items like tools, large hole pegboard is the way to go.

Some homeowners also like to add an additional fridge or freezer to their garage. Not only can it help you save space inside your home, but if you’re often working in the garage or on the yard, it’s ideal to have drinks and snacks nearby.

Are you interested in hearing more about custom garage storage solutions to help you streamline this space? Give the team at Coastal Closets and Showers a call today if you’re in or around Stuart, Florida.


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