Home Office Design Ideas For 2023

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Is it time for an update to your home office? With working from home now being more popular than ever, it’s no wonder you might be looking for a little refresh. However, it can be slightly overwhelming to figure out what’s going to look best in your space. That’s why we put together this comprehensive list of home office design ideas for 2023! 

Whether it’s going for a more minimalist look with clean lines or going crazy with color, there are tons of different home office design ideas to choose from!

Why Design Your Home Office?

So, why might you think about taking the time to design your home office in the first place? It’s easy enough to set up a desk and get to work, right?

The truth is that when you work from home, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office. That means it needs to be functional and needs to stay properly organized. It’s a lot more difficult to focus in a messy space after all!

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That’s why it’s so important to ensure your space helps you to succeed. There are tons of different ways to customize it with storage cabinets and shelving. There are also a ton of different designs that can help you to love your home office and inspire new ideas. 

Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference to your home office and are sure to make it both beautiful and functional. Home office design is pretty essential if you ask us!

Home Office Design Ideas for 2023

Now here’s what you came for! Some of the best home office design ideas for 2023.

Eco style

This home office design trend is so relaxing, your office is going to feel like an oasis! Focus on light, air, and everything natural in order to achieve this look. Plants are going to be your best friend as this style helps you to connect to nature and feel like you’re outdoors.

You truly won’t find an office space more relaxing than with the eco-style design.

Wellness focused

Mental health and wellness should be an important part of your everyday life. And that doesn’t stop when it comes to your office space! 

A wellness-focused home office can be equipped with gear that helps you to relax. Whether it’s rollers or a calming diffuser, there are tons of different ways to incorporate wellness into your space. Complete it all with a calming design and you’re sure to feel relaxed as you work.


A more minimalist approach to your home office might be just what you need to get more work done. When your space is free from clutter, you’re a lot less likely to become distracted. 

Focus on clean and straight lines for a minimalist look, along with subtle colors and minimal accessories. 

Minimalist offices can look super modern and sleek, and can be a major asset to your home!

Art deco

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun for your home office, then art deco is definitely the way to go! This style is almost opposite to minimalism as it focuses on bright colors, geometric patterns, and hyper-maximalism.

Working with an interior designer is a sure way to achieve this look, without it becoming too chaotic.


One of the home office trends we’re seeing a lot lately is the Scandinavian style. This style focuses on natural materials and lots of white furniture with contrasting dark elements. Light finishes are often matched to grey tones with a good variety of table décor, pictures, baskets, and more.

This style is a great way to incorporate some really fun designs, without the room becoming too overwhelmed with color.

A touch of flair

You might not want to go crazy when it comes to the design of your home office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of flair! The goal of this design is to set up your home office in a way that’s functional and then add a few pieces of décor or furniture that add a bit of spice to the design. 

Get creative with what you choose in terms of adding flair. Your space can be clean and sleek, but also fun!


An urban look for your office is simple but untouchably cool. You can achieve this look by using clear and concise details. You might go for natural materials that have aged or uneven textures. Think brick wood, untreated metals, and furniture with clear angles and shapes.

You might include a hint of vintage elements in order to provide some contrast to the space.


Adding cement finishes to your home office is a great way to add a modern, but simple touch to your office space. Micro cement actually happens to be one of the most versatile types of coating to use in all different kinds of spaces. It’s super durable and is also incredibly easy to install – a major bonus!


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You really can’t go wrong with a classic office look. Go for things that are elegant and timeless and offer a lot of symmetry. Expressive textures such as natural stone and leather are great additions to a traditional office. 

You can also go for stylish accessories and elegant furniture to top it all off.

Breaking away from the monotony

In contrast to the classic office is a home office that goes totally against monotony. Ditch the usual office colors for multiple bright colors that bring life to your office space.

You might include color with the furniture, accessories, or even on the walls. Wherever it might be, color can help to inspire creativity and help you to love your home office space.


Techno style is super minimal when it comes to accessories and favors strict lines. The main decoration of the office will likely be a powerful computer or modern gadgets.

This is a great way to add style to your home office without having to go crazy when it comes to accessories and art.

Colored leather

Colored leather might sound a little wild for your taste, but it can actually complement your home office space really well. You can incorporate camel-colored chairs into a space where black and white might otherwise dominate. This can help to add a little something to the space without having to commit to too much color.

Color spectrum

It’s important to consider the color spectrum when making choices for your home office. Think about what colors are going to go best together, whether it’s tan and navy or sage green and dusty rose.

The color spectrum is something that should be considered when it comes to each and every room in your home!


Lighting is also another important thing to consider when it comes to your home office. LED lighting specifically can be a fantastic touch.

There are tons of different ways to incorporate LEDS into your home office. This not only adds light to your space but can help to create an extra cool look as well!

Furniture focused

Sometimes all you really need when it comes to the design of your home office is to focus on the furniture in it. Maybe you’re someone who prefers an ergonomic setup, or maybe you need an extra large table top to get your work done on.

Functionality is of utmost importance when it comes to your home office, so don’t be shy when it comes to being furniture focused

Wood with marked veins

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Wood with veining is a trend that we can most definitely get behind! For years wood was included in home design with clean, manufactured designs, but we’re seeing a big shift to less perfect looking wood.

The more natural the wood the warmer your home office is going to feel.

Playing with lighting

If LED lights aren’t your thing, there are a ton of other ways to incorporate lighting into your home office. Natural lighting is, of course, the best option, but you can play around with a floor lamp, table lamp, sconces, chandeliers, and more!

There are tons of different styles of lighting to play around with. Explore your options and consider working with a professional to choose the best one.


Transparency is a super cool addition to your home office. Especially if you’re going to be having visitors! Glass can help to break up your space, while helping it to feel open at the same time.

If your home office is large then you might add a glass wall to help natural light flow through the space. Glass can also be used in tons of other ways like a glass top desk or glass accessories.

You’ll be amazed at what glass can do when it comes to the light and openness in your home office.

Your Custom Office Design Ideas for 2023

If there’s one thing we definitely understand here at Coastal Closets and Showers, it’s that functionality is important. Especially when it comes to your home office! 

That’s why we work with you to create a home office that fits with your home, lifestyle, and budget. It might be a home office all on its own, or an office and closet combo. No matter what you need the room for, we’re experienced in finding solutions to your unique needs.

We even have fantastic home office cabinets that can help you stay organized. Ready to chat about these home office design ideas for 2023 further? Give us a call and get help with your custom home office, closet/office combo, and much more!

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