Virtual In-Home Closet Design with Coastal Closets

Just about everything has changed in recent months—including the closet design process! But what hasn’t changed is the need for efficient, beautiful storage solutions in your home. That’s why Coastal Closets & Showers is proud to introduce our virtual in-home closet design services to meet current demands.

Virtual In-Home Closet Design with Coastal Closets

We want our valued customers to get the closet of their dreams as soon as possible. So, why wait for an in-home design appointment when you can do it all virtually with Coastal Closets & Showers? Now, you can work in the convenience of your own home with our designer to create your very own custom space!

Before we get into how the virtual in-home closet design process works, let’s discuss the benefits of designing a custom closet in the first place. 

The Benefits of Custom Closets

Perhaps the most significant benefit of a custom closet design is how efficient your space will be when it’s done. Many of our customers initially believe a closet has a very limited number of possibilities. But to our designers at Coastal Closets & Showers located in Stuart, FL. the options are endless.

Our designers look at each space as a completely new set of possibilities. Where you may only see rectangular storage space, our designers see things like floor-to-ceiling shelving, custom designed drawers, high-quality racks, and other stylish and efficient elements. 

Another benefit is that a custom closet from Coastal Closets gives you the most durable storage solution you could imagine. We often hear from homeowners who have tried to design a custom closet on their own and it didn’t end well.

Even if a closet looks good at first, it could collapse as soon as anything substantial is stored in it. We can’t express enough the importance of stability when it comes to your closet–and this can be very challenging to achieve on your own. Sure, extra shelving might be great, but if it’s not strong enough to hold a few extra items, what good will it do? Or what happens if those closet drawers you worked so hard on fall right off their tracks? 

With Coastal Closets & Showers virtual in-home closet design services, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

Here’s how it works.

Take Your Measurements

After you’ve booked your virtual design appointment, use our custom measurement guide to provide your designer with a detailed account of your space. Accurate measurements are critical, but we provide you with everything you need to make sure this is done right. 

These are some of the things to consider when you’re taking measurements for the 3-D design process: 

  • The type of closet: necessary measurements vary depending on the type of closet you’re planning for (i.e., bedroom closet or closet pantry)
  • The closet accessories you’ll include: You’ll need to take certain measurements to plan for the closet accessories you add to your closet. Some of your options include hanging rods, shelving, and hutches. Your design consultant can help you determine what’s right for you, but we’ve also included everything you need to know in our custom closet accessory guide.
  • Reach-in versus walk-in: If you’re measuring for a reach-in closet, the process tends to be more straightforward than it is for a walk-in closet. But don’t worry! We’ll help every step of the way. 

Click here to download your measurement guide.

Connect With Your Designer

You’ll receive a meeting invite for your virtual consultation. The only tool you need to do this is Zoom, a free video conferencing service. Download Zoom Here.

Then, you’ll click the link in the meeting invite to join your designer on a video call where you can talk about your ideas for your space. Together, you’ll discuss the design and storage challenges you want to address, and a lot more. During your call, your designer will also review your measurements to ensure accuracy for your new custom space.

Most of our clients are particularly focused on designing a custom closet with efficiency in mind.

When it comes to planning your closet, there are some other considerations to make sure it’s an efficient space for years to come. It helps to get really specific about your vision and hopes for your closet. 

What kind of items will you store in your closet? Some homeowners just need a space for hanging clothes. But plenty of people are looking for a more comprehensive storage solution to store jewelry, shoes, handbags, and much more. 

For homeowners planning their child’s closet, their primary concern is a closet that can grow with their child. But we’ve created 9 tips for designing a custom closet system to grow with your child to ensure your system is adaptable. They include thinking ahead with adjustable features, including cubbies for stacked items, and using baskets rather than drawers.

Here are some of our top tips for designing your closet with efficiency in mind. 

Design Your Closet in Real Time

You will work directly with your closet designer to create your custom storage solution all online! Your designer will help you view your options, and make adjustments in real time with a 3-D visual of your custom space.

Specialized Storage for Custom Closets

Ready to Get Started with Your Virtual In-Home Closet Design?

Coastal Closets & Showers have many design styles and finishes for your closets at affordable prices. If you need a little design inspiration for your own closet, take a look at our product gallery here.  

We’ve worked hard to make the virtual in-home closet design process as straightforward and stress-free as possible! Schedule your appointment today. You’ll just need to describe the project and provide measurements of the space to us, and we’ll get started. Our virtual design team is ready to help, let us get to work! Contact us here.


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