Modern Entryway Closet Ideas: How to Create a Sleek and Functional Storage Space

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The entryway to your home is a lot more than a space you walk in and out of every day. At least it can be if you make the most out of it! Your entryway is the first impression people get of your home when they arrive, so there’s no doubt you want it to look great. As a homeowner, it’s very likely you want this space to be functional as well. That’s likely why you clicked here to see some modern entryway closet ideas!

An entryway closet is a great way to keep all of the things you need concealed and organized. You should be able to quickly grab your coat, shoes, and keys on your way out and then have a spot for each of these items the second you return home as well. An entryway closet can help keep your home organized and it should tick all the boxes!

Modern Entryway Closet Ideas

Let’s jump right into what you came here for with our best modern entryway closet ideas! Use these and your entryway is sure to stay practical and beautiful all at the same time.

Go for built-in closets

Built-in closets are the way to go! Especially if you have an awkward entryway that’s a bit more difficult to fit storage in. Custom built-in closets allow you to make the most of the space available to you and can help your storage go a lot further than an added standalone storage unit.

Built-in closets also happen to look super chic and will keep your entryway nice and cohesive.

Use up every possible inch of space

This tip is especially important if your entryway is on the smaller side! You might also have a lot more storage potential in your entryway than you might have originally thought.

Using up every bit of space available to you means your entryway will be more functional than ever. You’re going to have a spot for all of your smaller items along with your coats and shoes that will stay conveniently at the front door.

Mix up your storage options

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of storage you choose to include with your entryway closet. You could add a shoe cupboard or a modern entryway storage bench that can serve a dual purpose as a seating area. If there’s a way to make it multi-functional we say go for it!

Make use of existing features

A lot of the time it’s not necessary to totally reinvent your entryway. If there are existing features that can be utilized then it’s definitely a good idea to keep them and make use of them.

If there are existing closets, for example, you can simply customize what’s already there so you don’t end up having to completely redo everything. A lot of the time existing features were put there for a reason as well so you can work off of that functionality.

Take closet cabinets high

Closet cabinets are fantastic for concealing all of your belongings in your entryway. However, we see too often they don’t make use of vertical space. If you’re going custom with your entryway closet, be sure your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. This goes along with our tip for using every possible inch of space available to you!

Consider something bold

Your entryway should of course match the rest of your home beautifully. But it’s also an area where you might add a bit of spice with some bolder colors. It’s a great way to make a first impression on your guests and add a bit of style to the space.

Always ensure you use a durable finish if you’re painting as your entryway is likely to be a high traffic area.

Make it beautiful with two-tone

Another way to make your entryway look modern and beautiful is by utilizing a bolder color with a calmer one. This two-tone look can help make the space look a lot bigger and will allow you to incorporate more colors.

Pro tip: Try painting your smaller entryway in a lighter color to help it seem bigger as well.

Go for the symmetric look

We mentioned how the entryway can be a high traffic, chaotic space. If you want to add a feeling of calm then you might go for symmetry when it comes to your design choices. You might do mirrored closets on either side of the room or even matching benches.

Making things the same is a great way to help the space feel cleaner and calmer.

Extend your entryway closet under the stairs

Depending on how your entryway space is set up, you might have the unique opportunity to add closet storage space right under the stairs of your entryway. While this might normally be seen as an awkward space, it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to get creative and get the most out of your home.

Include cupboards where you can store things of various heights, like appliances on one side and shoe storage on the other.

Use vertical space

We mentioned it’s important to ensure your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. If that’s not a possibility then it might still be possible to make use of vertical storage. You could add baskets on top of your cabinets or store your more seasonal items up top like scarves and hats during the summer.

Make room for baskets

As you’re designing your modern entryway don’t forget to think about the smaller items you’ll need to store! Rather than having smaller things scattered in large cabinets or drawers, try making room for baskets.

Baskets work wonders when it comes to organization and ensuring everything (even your smallest things) has a place to go.

Add shoe storage

Shoe storage in your entryway closet is an absolute must! It’s all too easy for shoes to get tossed in a pile and to become messy quickly.

You might add shelving that’s specifically designed to hold your shoes or even cubbies where they can be easily tucked away.

Keeping Your Entryway Closet Organized

Once you’ve used these modern entryway closet ideas to create the perfect storage space you’ll want to be sure you do everything you can to keep it nice and tidy! Here are some great tips to help you do just that.

Declutter before you organize

You don’t want to store and organize things you don’t need! That’s why it’s important to declutter and get rid of anything you’re not using. 

If you want to hold onto something, but aren’t really using it for the purposes of your entryway, then be sure to store it somewhere else where it won’t hinder the function of the closet.

Be sure about what the closet is for

Before you even begin to think about organizing you should be sure that you know what the closet you’re organizing is specifically for. Will your entryway closet be used for shoes and coats? Or would it make more sense to keep your cleaning and household appliances in it?

Whatever it may be, be sure about it before you get started!

Make locating items a breeze

If you’re heading out the door you likely don’t have time to rustle around your entryway closet to find what you need. Make locating your items a breeze by using things like clear bins or cubed shelving. That way you can see what you need right when you need it!

Make sure the back of the door is functional

The back of the entryway closet door is a space that’s often missed when it comes to organization! Utilize this area by using door storage solutions. This could be additional shoe storage or even a mirror so you can see your outfit before you head out the door.

Try to keep things calm

The more you can do to keep your entryway closet a calm and relaxing area to be in the better! Whether that be including bins and baskets, neutral colors, or even getting rid of 50% of the things you need to store.

Stress reduction is key when it comes to keeping this space organized!

The Entryway Closet of Your Dreams

Your entryway isn’t an area of your home you want to make do with. You want it to be a functional space that will help you and your family to thrive day to day. If a custom closet sounds like something you could benefit from, Coastal Closets and Showers is here to help! 

We’re experts in all things closets! Whether that’s your entryway closet, mudroom closet, master bedroom closet, or office closet. We have the skills and expertise to help you get the most storage space available to you so you never have to worry about where to put all of your things.

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