The Benefits of Adding a Built-in Dresser Wall Unit to Your Master Bedroom

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Your primary bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s not only where you sleep at night, but is a place you go to relax and unwind. That means you want it to be a space that’s calm and tranquil, and isn’t somewhere that feels chaotic. Many homeowners are looking for built-in dress wall units to help them achieve that relaxing feeling in their master bedroom.

So, what exactly is a built-in dress wall unit and what are its advantages? We’re going to explore all that and more in today’s post.

What is a Built-In Dresser Wall Unit?

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A good place to start is with a thorough understanding of what a built-in dress wall unit is. Simply put, this unique design is a way to create a storage and display space built like furniture into the architectural design of your home.

Rather than being a standalone wardrobe or dresser, a built-in dresser wall unit blends in seamlessly with the rest of your home. It can even help complement the space and add to its design elements of it.

A built-in dresser wall unit is a permanent storage solution where you can store tons of different objects. If it’s located in your master bedroom, then it’s very likely you’ll be filling the built-ins with different clothing items or even linens.

When made custom, a built-in dresser wall unit can be made to your exact specifications. That way you can store exactly what you need and will have a place for each of your items. There’s no need to cram things or have to worry about running out of valuable space.

Advantages of a Built-In Dresser Wall Unit

There are tons of great advantages to adding a built-in dresser wall unit to your master bedroom. To help you get even more familiar, let’s run through a few of them now.

Matches your bedroom space perfectly

The thing about standalone dressers and wardrobes is they’re usually not going to match your bedroom unless they’re custom made. Built-in wall units can be made to match the style of your bedroom perfectly. Not only do you get custom functionality, but custom design as well.

You won’t need to buy multiple pieces of furniture and can be sure they match the style of your home with intention.

  1. Improves the shape and function of your master bedroom

We love built-in dresser wall units simply because they have a much smaller footprint than freestanding furniture. It looks like it’s part of the room and can allow you to thoughtfully improve the shape and function of the room as a whole.

You can make your furniture fit the room rather than making the room fit your furniture.

  1. Maximize tight space

If your built-in dresser wall unit is well-designed it will allow you to make the most out of your space. Regardless of how big or small it may be! You can turn an entire wall into a dresser or even the smallest corner of your room. No matter how tight the space is, you know you’ll be maximizing what’s available to you.

  1. Make the most out of awkward spaces

Unfortunately, it can be really hard to find furniture that’s going to fit your space perfectly. Especially if you have some awkward corners that make storage solutions even more difficult.

When you get a custom built-in, you can create a design that matches your space exactly how you need it to. You also won’t need to waste any of those awkward corners or spaces.

  1. Change the focus of the room

If you’re really wanting to change up your master bedroom, then you might use your built-in dresser wall unit to help pull the focus. You don’t always want your furniture to be the main focus which makes this a fantastic design choice.

  1. Showcase your personality

Of course, you want your storage space to be functional first and foremost. But adding a built-in dresser wall unit is a way to add some personality to your master bedroom as well. You can show off the things that make you happy. You can also choose from tons of different colors, textures, and patterns to really make the space your own.

  1. Define zones without walls

We love the idea of using a built-in dresser wall unit to help create separation in your master bedroom. You might use it to define your sleeping zone from the rest of your room. You could also make some really stylistic choices like floating shelves in a way that helps bring light in.

  1. Tons of added storage

There’s no denying your built-in dresser wall unit is going to give you all the storage you could ever want! That’s especially true when you custom-build yours. You’ll be able to fit exactly what you need and can even make storage choices that are completely your own.

Built-In Dresser Wall Unit Design Ideas

wood and pastel blue bedroom with standing wall unit

There are so many different ways to execute a built-in dresser wall unit for your master bedroom. Here are some ideas to help get you inspired when it comes to designing and creating your own.

Entertainment center

Your built-ins don’t just need to be made to accommodate storage. You might consider adding in some design elements to allow you to make it an entertainment center as well. That could be making space for your master bedroom TV or other media accessories you like to use. 

Remember to choose a location in your built-in that makes sense for viewing purposes.

Electric fireplace

Another great addition to your built-in dresser wall unit is an electric fireplace. Having a fireplace in your bedroom is a great way to boost the ambiance and comfort level. It will make you feel extra cozy and is sure to be a safe alternative to a real fireplace.

An electric fireplace also won’t require any major maintenance like a gas fireplace would.

Laundry hamper add-on

We definitely recommend considering adding a laundry hamper to the design of your built-in dresser wall unit. It’s a great way to include your hamper without having it stick out like a sore thumb or get in your way. There’s nothing quite as sleek as having a totally integrated dresser system. At least if you ask us! 

Store those dirty clothes away and your space is sure to stay clean and tidy.

Glass doors

Glass doors are an incredible design option when it comes to your built-ins. Not only will you be able to see what’s inside and find what you need with ease, but you’ll also be able to display some of your favorite things. Whether it’s shoes or handbags, you can’t go wrong with putting those beauties on display. 

Just be sure you’re committed to keeping those areas organized and tidy before you decide to get glass doors.

Sliding doors to save space

If you’re tight on space, then sliding doors are always a great choice. You won’t need to worry about having extra space to pull out your doors and can simply slide them side to side to get whatever it is you may need. You can also incorporate sliding doors with other storage solutions like drawers and shelves.

Mirrored doors

There’s no better way to open up your space than by adding mirrors to your built-in dresser wall unit. Mirrors are great on the doors of your built-ins, but can also be utilized on the outside of your entire built-in. That means the front of your drawers as well.

Corner built-in dresser wall unit

Big beautiful built in wardrobe. Luxury modern home

If you have an empty corner in your master bedroom, you might get creative with a corner built-in dresser wall unit. This will allow you to use up unused space and can also look super cool as a feature of your room. If you can make it a design element, then why not?!

Dressing table

Last but not least in our list of ideas is incorporating a dressing table into your built-ins. This is especially great if you’re short on space and need to make room for extra pieces of furniture. If you can make it multi-functional we say, go for it.

Customize Your Master Bedroom

Now you know a lot more about built-in dress wall units and the many advantages of adding one to your master bedroom. No matter how you choose to design your master bedroom, you want to be confident it fits your needs and lifestyle. 

A one size fits all solution isn’t usually the best solution. You have unique needs when it comes to your master bedroom and the design of it should work to suit that. 

That’s why customization is such a great option! If you’re in Stuart, FL, and are thinking about customizing your master bedroom, be sure to get in touch with Coastal Closets and Showers. We love taking your unique space, listening to your needs, and then coming up with a plan to help make your dreams a reality.

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