Understanding Glass Shower Doors For Your Tub

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When you think about your bathtub, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t glass doors. But what if we told you that glass shower doors for your tub could make all the difference when it comes to the look and feel of your bathroom?

 Even if your space is small, swapping out your old shower curtain and rod for luxurious glass doors will change the way your bathroom looks and the way it functions. In fact, glass doors can help your bathroom to feel a lot more open and airy.

We’re going to dive into everything to do with glass shower doors for your tub. Whether it’s understanding what they are and if you need them for your bathroom, or how to install them and the benefits they provide, no stone will be left unturned when it comes to glass shower doors for your tub. Let’s get started!

What Glass Shower Doors Are 

So, what exactly are glass shower doors for a tub? Simply put, they are a piece of glass or pieces of glass that are put together and mounted to your tub and its surrounding walls. This helps to create an enclosure that keeps the water from the shower head from escaping onto your bathroom floors.

You can basically think of it as a replacement for your shower curtain. Except it’s a beautiful and highly functional replacement that’s sure to last you a lot longer. It can also help to provide privacy from the rest of the bathroom, without leaving it feeling closed off.

How to Determine If You Need Glass Shower Doors for Your Tub

While glass shower doors certainly sound great, are they something you really need? While they might not be something you need in order to use your bathroom, they can definitely make a big difference. Glass shower doors change the look and feel of your bathroom, and can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to dealing with that pesky shower curtain!

The Benefits of Using Glass Shower Doors for Your Tub

To help you decide if glass shower doors are something you want for your tub, let’s take a further look at some of the benefits they provide!

Your bathroom looks more spacious

Glass doors are (obviously) transparent which means your bathroom is going to look a lot bigger than it really is as there’s no completely opaque surface to break things up. Without a visual obstruction, there’s more continuity to the space. This makes glass shower doors especially great for smaller bathrooms.

If things are starting to feel cramped, glass shower doors are definitely the way to go!

It makes a statement in terms of style

If you’re trying to step up your game when it comes to the style of your home then you definitely should look into glass shower doors for your tub! Glass is simply elegant and can help your bathroom to look a lot more polished.

There are also plenty of different glass types you can choose from. Whether it’s frosted and tinted, or even patterned! There are tons of ways to add a unique touch to your bathroom and keep things cohesive when it comes to appearance. 

Glass doors can also be made frameless which provides a more minimalist and cleaner look.

Easy to customize

Glass doors are just one of the many things you can use to customize your bathroom! You can get a custom enclosure that will fit your tub perfectly. You won’t have any overhanging edges or corners that don’t fit because of a one-size-fits-all solution.

Customized doors mean for a seamless bathroom design and are often similar in price to prefabricated enclosures. You just can’t beat the look of custom tub doors!

Water stays put

One of the best things about glass shower doors for your tub is that they’re totally watertight. Especially compared to a shower curtain. Bathwater stays within the bath and the rest of your bathroom, including the floors and your toilet, is going to stay dry.

If you have kids then glass shower doors are definitely the way to go! Bathtime cleanup has never been easier.

Glass doors are easy to maintain

Speaking of easy, glass shower doors are super easy to maintain and don’t often need replacing. When water collects around and underneath your tub this can mean mold and mildew, which definitely isn’t something you want! 

Since water can’t escape the glass, it stays enclosed in your tub and isn’t able to collect in unwanted places. It’s also super easy to clean with a simple glass cleaner and a wipe with a microfibre cloth.

Your property value goes up

Is it time to make some upgrades to your home? Adding glass shower doors to your tub only drives the value of your property up, so it’s definitely one thing you should consider adding to your list of upgrades. The sleek and beautiful design is sure to drive interest from potential buyers and will help them to fall in love with your home even more.

Safety increases

Since water stays in your tub, there’s a lot less chance that someone is going to slip and fall if water is to get on the floor. This is especially great for children and seniors who are more vulnerable to slips and falls in the bathroom.

Types of Glass Shower Doors for Your Tub

If you’re loving the idea of getting glass shower doors for your tub, then you’re likely wondering about what types of doors are available for you to choose from. Here’s a quick overview of some of the available types.

Clear glass

shower doors for tubs

The first on our list is classic clear glass. This transparent type of glass can sometimes have slight coloration, which isn’t always noticeable.

This type of glass is simple, but sure to be timeless and offer a lot of light flow. This can often help to make the bathroom feel brighter and lighter, which is always a major plus!

Opaque and frosted glass

If you’re wanting to go with something a bit more unique, or something that offers more privacy, then you might go for opaque or frosted glass. This type of glass appears soft and smooth and can be purchased in a bunch of different designs and colors. 

This is also a great option for those who want to avoid pesky fingerprints and smudges!

Patterned glass

We talked about patterned glass a little bit earlier, but it’s one of the glass types you can choose to help make a splash! Whether it’s florals and botanicals, or an abstract design, there are plenty of patterns to choose from.

Patterned glass is also really easy to clean and keeps in good physical condition.

Rain glass

If you haven’t heard of rain glass before, this type of glass offers a ton of privacy. The main difference between the patterned or opaque glass is that it has a decorative raindrop pattern that works to obscure visibility into the shower. Light is still able to pass through without being totally transparent.

Tinted glass

Tinted glass is an awesome contemporary option and there are tons of different colors you can choose from. It allows for some light to pass through while still providing some privacy. If your bathroom is on the more simple side then tinted glass can be a great option for adding a little flair!

Hammered glass

Speaking of adding flair, hammered glass is a unique way to add a design element to your bathroom. The glass looks similar to hammered metal which means an interesting look as light passes through it.

Low-iron glass

You might have guessed it, but low-iron glass is made with less iron content. Doing this helps to decrease the amount of green tint that a lot of glass doors have which can make them appear a lot clearer. You truly won’t find a more crystal clear option than low-iron glass!

How to Install Glass Shower Doors for Your Tub

There are quite a few things that go into getting the perfect glass shower doors for your tub and then installing them. Custom doors are most likely to be a success when you work with a professional, but there are some general steps that you can expect when it comes to installation. 

You’ll start by cutting the door tracks to fit and cleaning the tub dry. Install the bottom track and then hold the side tracks level to mark where you should drill the holes. You’ll then screw the side tracks into place and fit the top track so it fits on the side tracks. 

The doors will then be hung, followed by the handles and caulking on the edges. Each tub will be slightly different depending on the customization, but these are general steps that you can expect!

Get Glass Shower Doors for Your Tub with Coastal Closets & Showers 

If glass shower doors sound like the perfect addition to your bathroom, Coastal Closets & Showers is here to help! We can work with you to determine what will work best for your unique bathroom and help add a touch of modern luxury. Our team offers each of our clients and projects the necessary guidance and attention to tailoring your tub design. It’s sure to be everything you ever wanted for your bathroom!

Ready to get started with a consultation with our design experts? Get in touch today! 

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