12 Best Small Walk-in Closet Storage Ideas for Bedrooms

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When you think of your dream walk-in closet for your bedroom, you’re likely thinking about features like beautiful décor and great places to display your most prized possessions. And even if you have a small walk-in closet, it’s entirely possible to make these dreams come true! 

A small walk-in closet with big potential

Many are also thinking about the need for storage and will dream of a walk-in closet that provides enough room to keep all of their things clean and organized – especially when it comes to those with small walk-in closets. 

Luckily, even small walk-in closets that feel like they might always be cramped have the potential for great storage options. You just need to get a bit more creative!

Get Creative with Storage in Your Small Walk-in Closet

Whether it’s a master bedroom, or a guest room with a small walk-in closet, we’ve got plenty of ideas to maximize storage and help you get creative. 

Check out these 12 storage and organization ideas and get started on your small walk-in closet upgrade!

Organize by Type

Small walk-in closets can stay stylish with organization. Keep accessories and like items together in order to create a beautiful appearance.

High Shelving

By keeping things up high off the ground, you not only utilize the space better, you make the small walk-in closet feel bigger.

Store Knits and Sweaters

Keep bulkier items together and fold knits and sweaters folded over hangers rather than regular hanging to keep them from misshaping.

Install Shelving Units

It’s common for smaller walk-in closets to improperly make use of the space. Add shelving for folded items, or install a system that uses cubbies. Shelving can be a great way to utilize space. 

Take a look at our gallery of big and small-walk in closet designs here for even more inspiration.

Design Walls and Ceilings

You might include a unique wallpaper, brick or wood on your walls and ceilings to help open up the space and add to the design of your walk-in closet.

Keep it Minimal

The best way to keep your small walk-in closet organized is to stay minimal with the items you put into it. Overstuffing your closet leads to quicker disorganization.

Custom Cubbies

Cubbies can be both functional and beautiful, not to mention make great use out of smaller spaces. Customize cubbies to your closet for best results! 

Invest in Small Walk-In Closet Organizers

Whether it’s a shelf above a clothing rod or a shoe rack underneath, there are always organization systems that help you to store items most efficiently.

Click here for a comprehensive guide to custom closet accessories.

Use Glass or Mirrors

One of the best ways to open up a small walk-in closet is adding a mirror or cabinets with glass doors. Your things stay visible but also well kept.

Jewelry Storage

Invest in an organization system just for your jewellery! This could mean a special area for all of your accessories, or a simple section just to hang necklaces.

Shoe Racks

When you’re tight on space, it’s always best to try and make the most of what you have. Shoe racks can be great for stacking your shoe collection while still keeping them organized and stain free. 

Integrated Laundry Baskets

Rather than tossing a basket in the middle or to the side of your walk-in closet, integrate it into your shelving. That way you won’t be tripping over it when you need to grab your things on the go and will gain easy access to all areas of your closet.

Plan Your Small Walk-In Closet Upgrade

We know planning out your small walk-in closet can be overwhelming. That’s why Coastal Closets and Showers is here to help.

Our expert team of closet designers has an incredible range of ideas for your small closet you might not have even considered! We can help to transform your walk-in closets and add an elegance to your entire home you won’t find anywhere else.

Call us today to chat about your options and get started on upgrading your one of a kind walk-in closet design!


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