Your closet is yours and only yours, so why not make sure that it’s both beautiful and functional for your needs? The best custom closets will accomplish both of these desires and more!

What can I expect with a custom closet?

Coastal Closets & Showers offers a wide range of choices, items and options for your custom closets that let you personalize your space to your unique needs. No matter if your space is big or small, we utilize each and every square inch of your closet space.

Custom Closet

Our team of experts knows exactly how to make the most out of even the smallest spaces. We are also happy to make adjustments as the needs of your project change.

You’ll be provided with a beautiful and useful closet system with specialized options just for your needs!

Custom Closet Design Ideas

When it comes to your custom closet, we believe you should dream big! Here are some great ideas to grab inspiration from. Then once you have gathered ideas, you can contact us to book your consultation.

Consider a De-Clutter

Before you get started on putting your new custom closet together, consider first making it clutter free. Not only will you get rid of a lot of things you don’t need, you will have a fresh start on organizing your things and knowing what kind of storage you need.

Built-in Laundry Hamper

After a long day the last thing you want to do is make sure all of your clothes are properly put away. Things are made a lot more convenient with a built-in hamper.

His and Hers

Avoid the frustrations of disorganization and consider his and hers sections as a part of your master closet. One area might include more shoe storage, while another has areas for ties and hats.

Ideas for Kids Custom Closets

Custom Closet Ideas

Closets for children are slightly different from adults as their closest should be able to grow as they do. Consider using rods and poles that can be adjusted in height.

Add an Island

An island is the perfect spot for laying out outfits and accessories, or including additional drawer storage in your space. It also leaves more space for wall hanging.

Customized Lighting and Custom Closets

If you can’t see the items in your closet then how are you supposed to choose! Customized lighting is a great solution for making your items visible and for adding a dreamy ambiance to the space.

Home Storage Design Ideas

Your custom closet should be both beautiful and functional!

Here are some awesome ideas to help you get creative with your storage designs.

Accessories Storage

A spot for your ties, necklaces, scarves and belts is a great way to keep things organized and out of sight. You can check out our Custom Closet Accessory Guide for more amazing accessory storage ideas!

Accessories Storage

Shoe Shelves

A specified area just for shoes is a great way to keep them organized and from spreading outdoor dirt around your custom closet.

Storage for Kids Closets

If you have smaller children, then it may be best to include shelving and/or cubbies that can store toys and books. Be sure this storage can be converted to regular closet storage for when your child grows and their closet needs change.

If you’re looking for more home storage design ideas, be sure to read our 12 best closet storage ideas blog!

Take Your Closet to the Next Level

There’s no denying that planning and putting together the closet of your dreams is an overwhelming task. That’s why Coast Closets & Showers is here to help!

As experts in the custom closets area, we host a wide range of ideas for your closet. Oftentimes, we think of designs you might not have even considered! We can help transform your closet into a beautiful and practical space you’re bound to love.

Call us today to chat about your options and get started on upgrading your one of a kind custom closet!


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