At Coastal Closets & Showers, we’re all about helping our clients optimize the space in their home and save room wherever they can. One of our favorite ways to do this (that’s often overlooked!) is to install a Murphy bed.

Murphy beds are also referred to as “wall beds” or “fold down beds” because they can be folded up into the wall when they’re not in use. Just imagine how much extra space you’d have in a room if the bed could be put away when you don’t need it! Murphy beds have been around for more than 100 years, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Before we get into some of the top reasons for installing a Murphy bed, let’s cover some interesting facts about their history. 

The History of Murphy Beds

The bed got its name from William Lawrence Murphy, an American man who applied for the patents for this product around 1900. In the past, other fold up beds had been made and sold, but Murphy applied for specific patents for pivots and a counterbalanced design that stood out from the rest. In 1912, he received a patent for a “Disappearing Bed,” and in 1916, he received one for a “Design for a Bed,” among others.

Murphy beds became increasingly popular in small homes or apartments where space was a concern. Murphy bed designs have ranged from the simplest style to options with built-in lighting and other features.

Later in the 1900s, Murphy beds weren’t seen as often in new homes, but all of that changed around 2010. A weak economy meant more adult children moving back in with their parents (or just not leaving) and plenty of people were downsizing. As a result, saving space was on the forefront of a lot of minds and it remains this way today.

In addition to their space-saving benefits, there are so many reasons to add this piece of furniture to your home!

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Murphy Beds Look Clean

These beds also look great in most homes! When they’re folded up, they can be converted into an armoire, display shelf, storage unit, or even a desk, which means it’s the perfect multi-purpose item for your home office.

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Top 6 Reasons For Installing A Murphy Bed in Your Home

Murphy Beds Are Comfortable

Did you know Murphy beds don’t require box springs? That means they’re a comfortable — and quiet! — sleeping solution. All you need to do is attach the mattress to the base of the wall bed and it’s good to go.

Ease of Use

Something else to love about Murphy beds is how easy they are to operate. We’ve all struggled with finicky pull-out couches before, and Murphy beds eliminate those difficulties. They’re easy to manually lift and lower, and there are many remote-controlled options available as well.

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Murphy Beds Are Trendy

Let’s not forget how trendy fold-up beds are! As we mentioned, they’ve surged in popularity in the past decade or so, and they’re a great talking piece when you’re giving guests a tour of your home. There will be no need to give up your own bed to company because your guests will be so delighted to try out a Murphy bed for themselves!

They're Customizable

Because we’re focused on designing custom spaces that are optimized for specific homes and clients, we can’t not mention this last benefit: Murphy beds are customizable! Whether you opt for a King size Murphy bed or a smaller option, you’ve got other choices for really making it your own.

Some homeowners choose a Murphy bed that fits seamlessly into their home’s interior design so it’s virtually unnoticeable when it’s not in use. Others prefer their wall bed to be more of a statement piece. Depending on the room your bed is installed in, you’ll have different options for how it functions when it’s not used as a bed.

We’ve covered how home offices often have Murphy beds that are used as desks when they’re folded up. But what about in other rooms in the home?

We love using Murphy beds in rec rooms. When they’re not in use, they make great display cases for trophies or other memorabilia.

A wall bed can also work really well in a college dorm. Whether it converts into a desk, storage, or just frees up extra space in already crowded dorm rooms, they’re a great choice for college students.

Homeowners can also choose from various finishes, lighting features, and a Murphy bed can be installed as part of a greater cabinetry unit or be its own entity.

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Coastal Closets & Showers in Stuart, FL

For homeowners looking to install a Murphy bed or save space in their home in the Stuart, Florida area, Coastal Closets & Showers is the way to go!

Our designers will work with you in every stage of the process to convert a wall to an inspired customized space. Homeowners can even enhance the space with LED strip lighting, or add rich textures with glass, wood, and metal finishes. We’d love to show you all of the ways we can create the style you want without going over your budget.

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