Wall Folding Beds: Comfort & Convenience

Top 6 Reasons For Installing A Murphy Bed in Your Home

Now you see it, now you don’t! Wall folding beds have been around for hundreds of years, and there’s a good reason for it. This innovative design offers both comfort and convenience, not to mention happens to be one of the most creative ways to save space.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a wall folding bed, or have been wondering what they’re all about, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! We put together this comprehensive guide to wall folding beds so you know all the ins and outs of getting one and what to expect. Let’s get started!

What Are Wall Folding Beds?

The best place to start is with a thorough understanding of what wall folding beds are. Basically, wall folding beds are beds that are able to fold up into the wall. They are commonly used to help save space in smaller homes and apartments.

There are tons of different customization options for wall folding beds, including adding additional storage, light, and much more!

Wall folding beds come in two different mechanism styles:

  • Spring mechanism: This type of wall folding bed can handle more weight as you can easily adjust the tension. Replacing the springs is also relatively easy along with the legs which feature a pivoting system. You can pull the legs out as the bed is being lowered down which will leave it in a nice horizontal position. There are tons of different bed sizes to choose from with the option and no floor mounting is required!
  • Piston mechanism: The piston mechanism on the other hand is great for being easy to make adjustments to your wall folding bed. The pistons use either air pressure or gas to operate which is not only easy but super safe as well! The other great thing about this system is that it uses a lot less space than other lifting mechanisms. It can be moved to a new location very easily.

History of Wall Folding Beds

You might be interested to know where wall folding beds came from given that they’re such an interesting invention. Wall folding beds can also be called murphy beds, which is a name that came from their inventor, William Lawrence Murphy.

Murphy created the murphy bed in 1900 where he applied for patents that helped him to stand out from the crowd. In 1912, he received a patent for a “Disappearing Bed,” and in 1916, he received one for a “Design for a Bed,” among others.

Wall folding beds have become increasingly popular among those living in apartments and smaller homes where space is a concern. There have been tons of different models and designs over the years, some even include special built-in lighting. 

The murphy bed became slightly less popular after it first arrived on the market, but that took a turn in 2010 when a slowing economy meant that many adults had to move back in with their parents and people had to downsize. Wall folding beds came back in a big way and have been essential to those who are looking to save on space.

They remain a go-to option for those with smaller spaces and are sure to be around for many more years to come!

Benefits of Wall Folding Beds

Sure, a wall folding bed sounds like fun, but is it really going to provide you with enough benefits to make it worth it? Let’s explore the benefits of installing one in your home.

Helps you to save on space

We’ve already talked about this specific benefit a ton! But perhaps the best thing about wall folding beds is that they allow you to save on space. Even if you have a larger living space they’re super convenient to have and allow you to make use of your space in different ways.

All you have to do is pull down the bed when your guest is ready to sleep, throw some sheets, blankets, and pillows onto it, and they’re ready to go!

Then, in the morning it’s easy to fold it all up and use the space for whatever you would like.

High-quality beds for a night of great sleep and convenient comfort

Custom Wall Bead dark

When you invest in a great wall folding bed, also known as a high-quality murphy bed, it’s something that’s going to last a long time. It’s also going to offer a ton of comfort and many great nights of sleep for years to come.

When you’re looking for your wall folding bed, look for industry-leading brands. While it might cost you a bit more in the short term, a higher quality bed is going to last you a lot longer. Your guests are also sure to thank you for it!

Ease of use

There truly is no easier temporary bed option than the wall folding bed! Forget taking out the air mattress and pump each time someone wants to stay over. All you have to do is pull the bed down and then tuck it back up.

The spring systems used on wall folding beds make it easy to lower and lift the bed. Just about anyone can do it. It also happens to be very safe to use.

Wall folding beds are customizable

Whatever your reason may be for getting a wall folding bed, it’s always possible to customize it to your needs. Especially when you have an expert on your side to design your space.

No matter what your needs are, there are ways to get creative. Whether it’s playing around with different sizes of beds, making the bed a part of a custom cabinetry unit, using different wood finishes, or getting creative with lighting, there are so many ways to make your wall folding bed unique.

They make your space look great

Wall folding beds can complement your home décor – especially when they’re designed custom. You can choose the finishing and layout that suit your room best which means it’s bound to look great regardless of whether it’s down or up.

It’s even possible to fold up your wall bed to become a crafted cabinet that you can use for storage or entertainment during the day.

Transform your space to be multi-purpose

Forget having a bed that limits how you use your space. When you have a wall folding bed, your room instantly becomes multi-purpose. So, if you want to use one of your rooms as an office, but also want to have somewhere for guests to sleep, then a murphy bed is going to be the perfect option!

Thinking space by day, and sleeping space by night.

The value of wall folding beds lives on

When you invest in a high-quality wall folding bed, you’re not only providing guests with a night of great sleep. You’re also adding value to your home. You can always take your wall folding bed with you, but it can also be a great selling feature for future buyers.

Available Sizes of Wall Folding Beds

You might be wondering what the possibilities are in terms of bed sizing options. We’ve got you covered!


The twin-sized bed is the most ideal for a child to sleep on as they don’t need as much room. They can sleep comfortably and aren’t usually as picky when it comes to their sleeping area. Twin beds are a great size for smaller areas where a larger wall folding bed might not work as well. 


A queen-sized bed is probably the most classic type of bed, which means it’s great news that it’s possible to get this size as a wall folding bed. Two adults can sleep comfortably which makes the queen-sized wall folding bed a great option if it’s something you’re going to be using regularly. We wouldn’t recommend a bed size any smaller than a queen if it’s something you plan on using each and every night.

Bunk beds

You might be surprised to know that it’s possible to get wall folding beds as bunk beds!

Bunk beds are especially great for sleeping multiple people while saving on space. This is even more of a game changer when they’re made into a wall folding bed as well. Bunk beds are especially great for children and are usually done best as twin sized.

You might also consider getting your twin-sized beds extra long, just in case any taller guests want to stay!


Last but certainly not least is the king-sized wall folding bed. King beds are the larger size, but there’s no need to worry about space when you can easily fold the bed up into the wall!

When you get a wall folding bed that’s high quality and custom-made, it makes it super easy to lift the bed and put it away. Even when it comes to a king-sized bed!

Wall Folding Beds with Coastal Closets & Showers in Stuart, FL

If you want a bed that will help you to save on space, is easy to take out and put away and is sure to look great, then wall folding beds are definitely the way to go! At Coastal Closets & Showers here in Stuart, Florida, our expert designers are ready and excited to help you through the process of converting one of your walls into a customized space.

Whether it’s glass and metal finishes or adding to the space with LED strip lighting, there are tons of different ways to create the style you want without blowing your budget. Get in touch with us today to discuss our wall unit services!

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